Terrorist TPLF Demolishes Alwaha Bridge –

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Addis Ababa, December 20, 2021(Walta) – Alwaha bridge that leads from Wolidya town to Qobo in Northern Wollo Zone of Amhara region was demolished by the terrorist TPLF.

According to Ethiopian News Agency’s reporter from the spot, the terrorist group is currently on the run and is destroying infrastructures as it is unable to withstand the assault of the United Ethiopian security forces.

As a result, the terrorist TPLF has been looting and destroying infrastructure and public facilities in all areas where it has infiltrated.

The group demolished the bridge located between the towns of Hayiq and Wuchale yesterday, and last night it destroyed the ancient Alwuha bridge built by Italy a long time ago.

The terrorist group has been carrying out the attack with the intention of destroying infrastructures and to escape the attacks of the Ethiopian security forces that they are now swiftly hunting down the group.

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