Terrorist TPLF Deceives Even in its Way to Graveyard: State Minister

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Addis Ababa December 14/2021 /ENA/ Terrorist TPLF has continued sticking with its classic deceiving trends even in its way to the graveyard, State Minister of Government Communication Service Kebede Desisa said.

Kebede told ENA that the terrorist TPLF which has been deploying children who do not have a tiny knowhow about war, will be held accountable at all cost.

The State Minister further stated that the terrorist TPLF has forcefully deployed children and the elderly in Tigray to war with a view to dismantle Ethiopia.

However, Kebede said the terrorist TPLF is being eliminated with a military operation carried out by the joint Ethiopian forces.

The State Minister pointed out that the TPLF terrorist group has continued disseminating its false propaganda even though it is being pushed in to its grave. “The people of Tigray should not be deceived once more and has to say NoMore,” he said.

Despite the TPLF terrorist group has waged war on Ethiopia with its illusion ambition to destroy the country; the State Minister said the group has been destroyed by Ethiopian patriots and heroes on the battlefield.

The people in Tigray should demand the whereabouts of its children that have been dragged into the war waged by the group, he said noting that the terrorist TPLF will be held accountable at all cost for its crimes.

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