Sweden Will Continue Providing Humanitarian, Development Assistance for Ethiopia: Ambassador Lundquist

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December 16/2022 /ENA/ Sweden will continue to support the humanitarian needs of conflict and drought-affected areas in Ethiopia and its development activities, Ambassador Hans Henric Lundquist said.

Sweden’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Hans Henric Lundquist, told ENA that his country will continue providing humanitarian assistance for the conflict-affected Tigray, Amhara, and Afar regions as well as  drought-affected areas in the country.

According to him, Sweden will also extend support to development works throughout the nation.

“We will do what we can as Sweden, but also as part of the European Union to see how we can support development in the country. That is very much needed. A peaceful and sustainable Ethiopia will benefit the whole country.”

Stating that Sweden has increased humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia, Ambassador Lundquist said it will continue supporting the development program in the new five-year strategy.

The ambassador further pointed out the need for more durable and sustainable solutions to conflict and drought-affected areas in the country.

“We have a new development strategy for Ethiopia, and we have also increased our humanitarian assistance quite substantially. (Although) humanitarian assistance is important, we also need to find more sustainable and durable solutions in those conflict-affected areas and drought-affected areas. So, there are many crises at the same time. But this is something that we will continue to provide support for based on the needs and what role Sweden can play in this.”

Sweden has provided substantial support through the EU and other needs should be presented by the Ethiopian government for Sweden to play its role as a country, he said.

Ambassador Lundquist recalled that Ethiopia has been through a difficult time of conflict, especially before the very important peace agreement under implementation, and Sweden has continued humanitarian support in the country.

“It has been a very difficult time for Ethiopia, but I am also very hopeful about what we have seen recently with the permanent secession of hostilities agreement in Pretoria and the follow-up in Nairobi.”

The agreement is a very big and important step that has to be implemented and supported by all parties to increase humanitarian access in the affected regions, he stressed.

“The most important thing is now that there should be no violence happening and that humanitarian access will continue. There is a great humanitarian need not only in Tigray but also in Amhara and Afar regions. So that must be a priority.”

The quick impact projects that the people in need could see following the peace agreement is crucial for the people to observe the progress, the ambassador noted.   

Sweden and Ethiopia have a long relationship not only in development assistance but also partnership in investments in the private sector.

The ambassador further stated that Sweden has a substantial development program that will continue.

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