SustGOV Project to Establish Center of Excellence that Enhances Knowledge of Policy Coherence

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Addis Ababa (ENA) December 10/2022 SustGOV, a joint project of University of Oslo and Addis Ababa University (AAU), has a plan to establish a center of excellence that enhances knowledge to address policy coherence and synergy among various government policies, AAU project coordinator Aklilu disclosed.

The joint project organized today a roundtable discussion under the theme Policy Coherence for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Ethiopia with members of the House of People’s Representatives who represented the various standing committees.

Speaking on the occasion, Addis Ababa University project coordinator Aklilu Amsalu said the universities have a plan to establish a center of excellence that enhances knowledge of the legislative body to identify lack of policy coherence and synergy among various government policies.

Policy coherence and synergy between various government institutions is vital to achieve sustainable development goals, he stressed.

Addis Ababa University has already started activities to establish a center of excellence that supports the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

The center of excellence would offer short and long term training up to third degree level. The training will be accessible to government institutions and development drivers, it was learned.

According to the coordinator, the center of excellence will also conduct studies and researches that are useful for policy makers.

The SustGOV project is aimed at influencing and building public policy and further strengthening research, educational and administrative capacity in Ethiopia to enhance the capacity of the legislative body and media in particular, Aklilu elaborated.

He stated that the project will focus on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals being implemented in Ethiopia.

House of People’s Representatives Water, Irrigation, and Lowland Area Affairs Deputy Chairman, Aweke Amzaye, said on his part that the duty of the parliament is to formulate laws and control the executive body whether the laws formulated are properly applied by the executive body.

Bringing coordination and synergy between different lines of ministries is therefore vital for achieving the Sustained Development Goals.

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