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Susan Rice’s Revenge and Last Hurrah: Jeffrey TPLFeltman (Hitman) Is Itching for a Fight in Ethiopia/Horn of Africa! | Ethiopian News | ZeHabesha

The unholy trinity

 Jeffrey Feltman’s real mission as Susan Rice’s “special stooge” (“envoy”) to the Horn of Africa is to change and take control of the narrative and to bully and intimidate the leaders and peoples of the Horn of Africa.

Susan Rice’s offensive game strategy in Ethiopia using Feltman as her mouthpiece revolves around the following plays:

1) Get Ethiopians’ eyes off the prize…
2) Change the narrative from free and fair election to an impending doosday civil war…
3) Delegitimize the June 5 election by mobilizing the Western press-titute and inside the beltway policy-stitute communities.
4) Stage a “confrontation” with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other top officials to create a sense of doom and gloom among the Ethiopian people…
5) Scare the hell out of the Ethiopian people…
6)  Create media mass distraction to spread confusion…
7) Embolden and encourage terrorists and anti-peace elements…
8) Signal support to Ethiopian military and security forces to take action…
9) Convince the Ethiopian people that without the TPLF ruling them, they will have no peace and no country…
10) Mobilize African Union support to isolate and ostracize Ethiopia…
11) Create antagonism between IGAD members…
12) Manufacture a bogus Ethiopia crisis for sanctions…
13) Demonize Ethiopia using Western press-titutes and policy-stitutes…

Read details below…

On March 29, 2021, I told you Jeffrey Feltman is Susan Rice’s stooge and hitman ready to do a number on Ethiopia and Eritrea. I was SPOT ON!

In “Julius Caesar”, Shakespeare’s Mark Antony thunders: “… And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge, / With Ate by his side come hot from hell, / Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice/ Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war/

Well, Susan Rice, “ranging for revenge”, has let slip her diplomatic dog of war Jeffrey Feltman on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

I have a highly tuned olfactory sense that enables me to smell a skunk from thousands of miles.

Fi fi fo fum. I smelled the smell (phew!) of Jeffrey Feltman the day his name was announced as “Biden’s special envoy to the Horn of Africa”.

In my March 29, 2021 commentary, I alerted my readers Jeffrey Feltman was not a “special envoy” but a vicious diplomatic wolf (skunk) in sheep’s clothing:

II. Jeffrey Feltman, the likely Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, has serious credibility issues.

Jeffrey Feltman, the rumored Biden Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa and former political advisor to the U.N. secretary-general, starts with major credibility issues as to his impartiality, neutrality and fairness as a special envoy.

Is Feltman President Biden’s Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa?

Or is he actually Susan Rice’s Special Stooge (Susan Rice’s wolf in sheep’s clothing) pretending to be a presidential envoy?

Jeffrey Feltman

Could Feltman be Susan Rice’s new Super-bot?

Can Feltman be an impartial envoy to the Horn of Africa with exclusive focus on U.S. interests (and not Susan Rice’s interests)?

There is no question Feltman is an Obama retread.

Feltman served as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs between 2009-2012 and then became United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs overseeing the UN’s diplomatic efforts to prevent and mitigate conflict worldwide.

Feltman has worked very closely with Susan Rice.

There is evidence to show Feltman was an insider and possibly an active aider and abettor of the Hillary Clinton-Susan Rice group in the aftermath of the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack on U.S. facilities in 2012 where four Americans were killed. Susan Rice tried to cover up for Hillary Clinton lying to the American people that the killing of the four Americans resulted from Arab world outrage over a film that mocked Islam.

Was Feltman involved in the Benghazi coverup also? (See email communication on the subject between Rice, Feltman and others (beginning at p. 48).)

There is also evidence showing Feltman, as a top U.N. official, was coordinating his actions on a variety of issues not only with Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton but also Samantha Powers who was serving as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

I don’t trust Feltman as far as I could throw him.

I believe Feltman is Susan Rice’s stooge doing her bidding: Restoration of the TPLF to power in Ethiopia.

I believe Susan Rice arranged for Feltman’s appointment cynically and cunningly calculating the Ethiopian and Eritrean leadership would accept him as a former top advisor to the U.N. Secretary General without probing into his shady past. Feltman is part of Susan Rice’s smoke and mirror magic show.

But Suzie ain’t foolin’ me. No way, no how. I know how Sneaky Susan rolls!

Ethiopians! Eritreans! Beware of Feltman bearing gifts!

Jeffrey Feltman debuts as “special envoy” with guns blazing at Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia

Just like I predicted on March 29, Jeffrey Feltman (a/k/a Jeffrey TPLFeltman) made his debut as “Special Envoy”  “Special Stooge”) with guns blazing.

On April 23, 2021, Antony Blinken on his Twitter page, “announced Jeffrey Feltman as the U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa. He will lead a comprehensive diplomatic effort to address the interlinked political, security, and humanitarian crises in the region.”

According to the State Department, “A special envoy is one designated for a particular purpose, such as the conduct of special negotiations and attendance at coronations, inaugurations, and other state ceremonies of special importance.”

Not long after his appointment as “special envoy”, Feltman opened up on the leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia with triple barrels of trash talk and demonstrated how he is going to “lead a comprehensive diplomatic effort” in the Horn of Africa.

It was truly laughable!

Listening to him trash talking, it is obvious Feltman graduated from the Yosemite Sam School of Diplomacy, named after that always desperate, irascible and querulous gun slinging prospector Warner Brothers cartoon character with a hair-trigger temper.

It is also evident Feltman was sending a message to the three Horn leaders he is the roughest, toughest and meanest hombre in all of American diplomacy.


Ethiopia has brushed aside African Union mediation efforts and subregional organizations that cover the Horn of Africa, the IGAD, the Intergovernmenal Authority on Development as authoritarian leaders in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia draw closer at the expense of the wider collective.”

These are, of course, fighting words once deconstructed from diplomatese mumbo jambo.

They mean one and only one thing. TPLFeltman is telling the Horn leaders he is itching for a fight!

At the O.K. Corral, Horn of Africa!

“Ohhhh!!! Dem Africans over dere in the Horn of Africa, they is so sacred of Yosemite Feltman, the most rootin tootin shootin diplomatic cowboy east, west, north and… south of Washington, D.C.”

I laugh at Yosemite Feltman.


What did Feltman mean by “brushed aside”, “authoritarian leaders” and “expense of the wide collective”?

Are these diplomatic phrases that signal his approach to “negotiations” in the region?

Is Feltman the proverbial diplomat “who thinks twice before saying nothing”?

Or is he the blathering “Jack” James Brown, the God father of Soul, sang about:

You’re like a dull knife, Jack/Jeffrey
You just ain’t cutting
You’re just talking loud
Then saying nothing

I would say Feltman is a Macbethian “idiot, full of sound, insult and fury, signifying nothing.”

But to be fair, is that Feltman or Susan Rice talking trash about Horn leaders?

Is it possible that Feltman lost his diplomatic wits under the mesmerizing spell of the Wicked Witch of the East!

Who is Jeffrey Feltman?

Feltman is not only a gofer and stooge of Susan Rice but he also a polarizing figure known for his militarism and interventionism.

In 2012, Counterpunch described Feltman as a man of “intemperate logic”, an “extremely divisive figure”, and in the “totality of the Arab world Feltman will not be seen as an open-minded professional.”

Put another way, Jeffrey Feltman is the male version of Susan Rice. How true birds of a feather flock together!

Life imitating art, Jeffrey Feltman reminds me of Ambassador Louis Sears depicted in the 1958 Eugene Burdick and William Lederer novel “The Ugly American”.

That book begins with Sears bemoaning the fact that the people of the fictional country of Sarkhan are “strange little monkeys”.

The fact is Sears is the real monkey. He is completely clueless about Sarkhanese history, politics or society.

Feltman is the real life “ugly American” special envoy (ambassador) who believes there are “strange little monkeys” in the Horn of Africa he can scare with threats of sanctions, aid cutoff and warfare. Feltman, like Sears, is clueless about the  history, politics and culture of Horn countries.

Feltman is the ugly American diplomat who believes:

US interference is quite acceptable, but Iranian interference is utterly unacceptable. This might be adequate behavior for the diplomat of a country, but it is hardly the temperament for a senior UN official. It raises doubts about Feltman’s ability to be even-handed in his deliberations as a steward of the world’s political dilemmas. (Italics added.)

Jeffrey Feltman, above all, is Susan Rice’s henchman and hatchet man (hitman)

Feltman, or more accurately TPLFeltman, is a long-time hatchet man and henchman of Susan Rice and a supporter of TPLF.

Rice got Feltman his job as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs (2009-2012) before he moved on to the UN.

As mentioned above, there is evidence to suggest Feltman was Susan Rice’s co-conspirator in the Benghazi, Libya coverup of the murder of four American diplomats.

Feltman was also the agent handler for Meles Zenawi who was a high value “asset” for the United Nations.

In his 2012 eulogy at Meles Zenawi’s memorial, Feltman was regretful he lost his top asset who delivered Ethiopia lock, stock and barrel to the highest bidder.

Feltman said Meles Zenawi “will be remembered for his exceptional leadership… The United Nations benefitted greatly from his unwavering commitment to working with the organization to address global and regional peace and development challenges. We are strongly committed to building on his achievements…”

Watch video below.


In her 2012 eulogy of Meles Zenawi, Susan Rice said exactly the same thing!!

She concluded, “The legacy Meles leaves will long endure.”

Saving the “enduring Meles legacy” is Susan Rice’s do-or-die mission in Ethiopia and continue his “long game” which was to keep the TPLF in power for at least “100 years”.

Rice and Feltman must share the same speech writer.

As irrefutable evidence of slavish support for Zenawi and TPLF, neither Feltman nor Rice acknowledged or even gave a hint that Meles Zenawi was a ruthless and bloodthirsty dictator.

In 2008, Parade Magazine described Zenawi as one of “The World’s Worst Dictators”. In 2012, The Economist described Zenawi as “The man who tried to make dictatorship acceptable.”

The Atlantic also described Zenawi as a “modern dictator who cracked down on civil society organizations and journalists”, and whose “rule was marked by a cynical divide-and-conquer strategy that excluded several of the country’s major ethnic groups from political and economic life.”

Of course, Rice and Feltman know Meles Zenawi was a bloodthirsty S.O.B., but he was their bloodthirsty S.O.B.

Meles Zenawi slavishly served the interests of Ethiopia’s enemies.

The likes of Susan Rice and Jeffrey Feltman commanded Meles Zenawi to jump and he always stood at attention asking, “How high, massah? How high, ma’am?”.

Today, TPLFeltman criticizes the leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia as “authoritarian” who have created an alliance to economically damage IGAD members.

Blinken also in his confirmation hearing imperiously declared he will have Ethiopia, Uganda and Cameroon in his crosshairs.

Feltman’s arrogant and condescending attitude shows he is following the commands of the Wicked Witch of the East.

Susan Rice learned it from Meles Zenawi, the Prince of Darkness himself. During her eulogy, Rice reveled  in the fact that Meles Zenawi had contempt and “little patience for fools, or idiots, as he liked to call them.”

Today, Susan Rice has trained her flunkies to insult think of the leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia as “fools and idiots”, authoritarian dictators, destroyers of regional organizations and threats to American interests in the Horn.

Feltman’s not-so-veiled threats

Let there be no mistake!

Feltman is not just talking trash about Horn leaders, he is also making not-so-veiled threats.

On April 26, Feltman told Foreign Policy, “Ethiopia has 110 million people” and that “if the tensions in Ethiopia would result in a widespread civil conflict that goes beyond Tigray, Syria will look like child’s play by comparison.”

Feltman describes Syria’s suffering as “child’s play”?

For heaven’s sake, what kind of an Ugly American diplomat must Jeffrey Feltman be to trivialize the plight of Syrians as “child’s play”?

Syria’s suffering is not “child’s play” for President Barack Obama.

In November 2019, President Obama expressed deep regrets over his inaction in Syria:

In the field of foreign policy, the tragedy in Syria continues to cause me real pain. During the events of 2011 that occurred in a number of Arab countries, Egypt was at the top of my concerns, and then Libya, and after that the Syrian crisis began to worsen… I have not been able to stop thinking about the human tragedies that occurred after that…

It is clear that Feltman’s reference to “child’s play” is intended to be a threat.

Let me break it down.

By “child’s play”, Feltman is indicating that the U.S. will use its resources, including Egyptian and Sudanese elements, to spark a civil war in Ethiopia that will consume Ethiopia from north to south and east to west.

Feltman means the U.S. will support terrorists to destabilize Ethiopia and create an ethnic conflict between Oromos and Amharas.

That is what TPLFeltman’s oblique reference to the “Syrian child play” is all about!

Feltman’s real mission as “special stooge” (“envoy”) is to change and control the narrative and to bully and intimidate

There is no question the Princess of Darkness is frustrated and desperate.

Susan Rice’s magic wand and incantations have not restored the TPLF to power or even get them to the negotiating table.

Susan Rice’s magic broomstick cannot transport the dead and gone TPLF back from hell to Ethiopia.

Susan Rice’s voodoo has failed to get the UN Security Council to sanction Ethiopia.

Susan Rice’s abracadabra to demonize Ethiopia and bewitch European countries to condemn Ethiopia’s assertion of sovereignty have failed.

The wicked with of the East has been unable to get her mojo working on Ethiopia or Eritrea.

Susan Rice has done her very best to coordinate Western press-titutes,  journaLIEsts and poli-stitutes, including members of Congress and lobbyists, to sideline Ethiopia as an international pariah.

Despite her efforts, she has created nothing more than an echo chamber of frogs.

Susan Rice knows she is running out of time and out of tricks.

Her only chance, last chance —  “hail Mary throw”, is to f*** up the June 5, 2021 election.

Her starting quarterback Antony Blinken fumbled the diplomatic ball before the 1st and 10 and was sacked.

Joe Biden had to send his buddy Senator Chris Coons from the legislative branch to be a pinch hitter in the executive branch. Coons did not move the ball far.

Now, Susan Rice has deployed her reserve quarterback Jeffrey Feltman to make a final touchdown and win Game of the Horn for the TPLF.

Susan Rice’s “Horn Offensive Itching to Fight Game Plan”

Susan Rice’s Game Plan in the last four weeks leading up to the June 5 election is simple: Send Jeffrey Feltman to Ethiopia to conduct psychological and propaganda warfare on Ethiopian soil and create controversy that will prevent the June 5, 2020 election from being held.

Susan Rice’s offensive game strategy using Feltman as her mouthpiece revolves around the following plays:

1) Get Ethiopians’ eyes off the prize: The June 5, 2020 election. Feltman will use bombast and verbal pyrotechnics to get Ethiopians to talk about what the U.S. will and will not do against Ethiopia and its leaders to distract the attention of Ethiopians from the election. The delegitimization of the election, of which I warned several weeks ago, has already started.

On April 29, 2021, five United States Senators sent a letter to Feltman (it is all staged) warning, “If elections move forward without the reforms required to earn the trust of the Ethiopian public, growing ethnic and political tensions across the country will boil over into even greater violence.” They added, “These planned elections are not currently on track to meet international standards for freedom, fairness, and transparency.”

On March 30, 2021, Representatives Gregory W. Meeks and Michael McCaul, Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, sent a letter to Blinken demanding action against Ethiopia including sanctions. This coordinated game will continue.

*** Donald Trump tried to delegitimize the 2020 presidential election by proclaiming it is going to be stolen before the election was held. In September 2020, Trump said November 3 election will be “the scam of all time” (unless he wins, of course).

After he lost the election, Trump, to this day, proclaims the election was stolen.

That is exactly what Susan Rice, Antony Blinken, NSC advisor Jake Sullivan, USAID boss Samantha Power and U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Linda Tomas-Greenfield are doing to the June 5 Ethiopian election. They are proclaiming it is going to be stolen before the election is held. After the election, like Trump, they will continue to proclaim the election was stolen.  

Representative Meeks is a certified crook who took bribes of at least $100,000 as documented in a 67-page House Office of Congressional Ethics report. The National Legal and Policy Center describes Meeks as the “most corrupt” member of Congress. Meeks now pontificates about sanctions against Ethiopia. Today, this crook pontificates about sanctions against Ethiopia. Meeks would have been sanctioned by the House for corruption except for his political connections! ***

2) Change the narrative from free and fair election to an impending doomsday civil war. Feltman will be talking about an impeding civil war that will make Syria’s “child play”. Now, Feltman has on his team five U.S. Senators of Doom and Gloom to spread the word.

3) Delegitimize the June 5 election by mobilizing the Western press-titute and inside the beltway policy-stitute communities. In the next week or so, Susan Rice will unleash her Western press-titiutes, journaLIEsts, inside the beltway pseudointellectual think tankers and lobbyists to talk trash about the June 5 election. They will put out all sorts of nonsense about a stolen election along the lines of the aforementioned Senators.

4) Stage a “confrontation” with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other top officials to create a sense of doom and gloom among the Ethiopian people.  If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa (Why anyone would let this despicable Ugly American diplomat into the beautiful country of Ethiopia, I have no idea!), he will do his damnedest to create a media sensation by badmouthing Ethiopian officials to capture public attention. If Feltman meets with PM Abiy Ahmed, I expect he will issue a public statement or hold a press conference and claim that PM Abiy was intransigent, uncooperative, unwilling to negotiate, about to plunge the country to civil war, blah, blah…

Feltman should know he can huff and puff all he wants but he should know the fate of a wolf in sheep’s clothing will be no different than the fate of the Big Bad Wolf who tangled with the three little lambs.

5) Scare the hell out of the Ethiopian people. If Feltman is allowed to visit Ethiopia, he will do all he can to scare and convince the Ethiopian people their country is going to hell in a hand basket; that they are hopeless and only the Great White Hope from America can save them from their savage selves. I say, Feltman can go to hell, hell, hell and join his TPLF friends there!

6)  Create media mass distraction to spread confusion. If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa, he will use the opportunity to make inflammatory and provocative statements hoping to engage Ethiopian Government officials in a pissing contest. He will insult Ethiopian officials to aggravate them and force them to react in an emotional manner, then use their reactions to demonize Ethiopia. The problem for Ethiopian officials: How could they possibly insult a despicable Ugly American diplomat?

7) Embolden and encourage terrorists and anti-peace elements. If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa, he will no doubt take the opportunity to 1) signal to domestic terrorists and antipeace elements that the U.S. will help them militarily and financially if they raise arms against PM Abiy’s Government; and 2) to meet with “opposition leaders” to embarrass the Ethiopian Government. He will stage political theatre for the Western press-titutes and parade out “opposition Leaders” to say nasty things about the election and how undemocratic it is, etc.

8) Signal support to Ethiopian military and security forces to take action. If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa, he will use any opportunity available to him to send signals to the Ethiopian military and security leadership that the U.S. will approve and support them if they undertake a coup d’état against PM Abiy’s Government.

9) Convince the Ethiopian people that without the TPLF ruling them, they will have no peace and no country. If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa, he will be blathering about “inclusive negotiations” to solve the “crisis in Ethiopia”. What he means by that is the TPLF must be restored to power or Ethiopia will be no more. Feltman should know the TPLF is dead and gone. It ain’t never coming back even if hell freezes over and the Princess of Darkness goes ice skating.

10) Mobilize African Union support to isolate and ostracize Ethiopia. If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa, he will meet with African Union leaders and try to win their support in isolating Ethiopia by offering them more aid, loans, etc. Such efforts have already been made with Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

11) Create antagonism between IGAD members. If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa, he will try to create antagonism and strife between IGAD members. He will try to convince the other members of IGAD to gang up against Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and incriminate them before the African Union.

12) Manufacture a bogus crisis for sanctions. If Feltman is allowed to visit Addis Ababa, he will fabricate a crisis during his visit that will enable him to call for crippling sanctions against Ethiopia by the UN Security Council, the European Union, the World Bank and others.

13) Demonize Ethiopia using Western press-titutes and policy-stitutes. Feltman will enlist the Western press-titutes to bad mouth Ethiopia and its leadership. Demonization by Western press-titutes has been going on for some time now. Let’s be honest. Who gives a rat’s ass about what the Western press-titutes say or don’t say. The fact of the matter is that White Americans and Europeans, the targets of persuasion by the Western press-titutes don’t give a damn and think of Africa as a bunch of “s**t hole countries”. That is the truth!

Susan Rice’s Ugly American Horn of Afrika Korps

Susan Rice’s Horn of Afrika Korps are getting ready for Armageddon in Ethiopia before the June 5, 2021 election.

Jeffrey Feltman will be Susan Rice’s Erwin Rommel ordered to crush the “authoritarian leaders” and their armies in the Horn of Africa.

Last month, I wrote a commentary announcing, “The Americans are Coming!”. I explained how Susan Rice’s hopes to impose her version of Imperial Pax Americana on Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Now, I issue the same warning with one modification. “Susan Rice’s Ugly American diplomat is coming to Ethiopia and he is itching for a fight. His name is Jeffrey TPLFeltman.”

I say put this diplomatic dog of war on a short leash if and when he comes to Ethiopia.

Let there be no doubt!

Field Marshall Jeffrey Feltman will line up his Forces of Darkness — remnants of the TPLF and their Western press-titute and polis-titute allies, Egypt, Sudan, terrorists in Ethiopia and other enemies  — against Ethiopia under the supreme command of the Princess of Darkness herself.

Mark my prophesy: We shall defeat the Princess and her Forces of Darkness and make them our footstools because our defense is of God!

Melkam Fasika (Easter) to all followers of the Christian Faith in Ethiopia. BELIEVE! Ethiopia’s resurrection is upon us!









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