Sudan’s Stability Hastens GERD Negotiations – Political Analyst   –

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Hali Yahya

Addis Ababa, October 28, 2021 (Walta) – A Sudanese journalist and writer at TRT World, Hali Yahya said that Sudan’s stability contributes to accelerating the negotiations process on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the Ethiopian-Sudanese border disputes at large.

In an exclusive interview with Walta Television, Hali Yahya noted that Ethiopian-Sudanese relations is linked by historical, geographical, political and economic ties; as a result, the issue of security, political and economic stability between the two countries affects the other and vice versa.

According to Hali, the current situation in Sudan may not affect much on the issue of the GERD or the issue of the Ethiopian-Sudanese border, but it may prolong the negotiations. Adding that the more the situation stabilizes in Sudan and Ethiopia, the more there will be much possibility conducting the next process and reaching agreements to achieve mutual benefit among the three countries.

Regarding the GERD he added that Ethiopia benefits in generating electric power, but the biggest beneficiary of it is Sudan, as it will be able to farm for more than one season and floods will be blocked from it, he added.

It was noted that in 2018 Ethiopia in successfully mediating the establishment of a coalition government consisting civilian and military components, and to adopt the constitutional document of the transitional period, and now Ethiopia has called upon all parties in Sudan for calm and de-escalation and to exert every effort towards a peaceful end to this crisis.

(BY: Suhel Abdelnur)



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