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Sudan wants withdrawal of Ethiopian peacekeeping force : Report

Sudan has formally submitted a request to the United Nations for the withdrawal of Ethiopian Peacekeeping ,and The Security Council is expected to look into it later this month 

Ethiopian Peacekeeping
Ethiopian Peacekeeping force in Abiey in 2016 ( Photo via Sudan Tribune)


Following disagreement in the negotiation over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which was held in Kinshasa, DRC, the government of Sudan reportedly requested the United Nations to replace the Ethiopian Peacekeeping force with forces from other countries. 

Sudanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mariam al-Mahdi, disclosed about it in an interview with  the ban-Arab Alhadath TV , according to a report by the Sudan Tribune. 

The source cited her as saying “Ethiopia has shown unacceptable intransigence in the talks over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Its decision to proceed with the second phase of the filling of its reservoir is contrary to international law.”.

It is unclear why Sudan made the decision for the withdrawal of Ethiopian Peacekeeping Force based on the result of negotiation over GERD. 

Sudan has formally lodged the request to the United Nations and the Security Council is expected to look into the issue on April 26, according to Sudan Tribune. 

Ethiopian Peacekeeping Force has been in the demilitarized zone between Sudan and South Sudan since 2011 as per the UN Security Council resolution 1990. 

The talk on GERD was stalled again earlier this week after Ethiopia rejected Egypt and Sudan’s proposal to take the negotiation outside of African platform by proposing a AU level of role to observers – United States , the European Union and South Africa. 

Ethiopia plans to carry out the second phase of dam filling during the rainy months of July and August to retain about 13 billion cubic meters of water which is said to be adequate to generate power from two turbines. 

Sudan and Egypt wanted what they called a binding agreement before the second phase of the filling. However, the Declaration of Principles agreement signed between the three countries does not put restrictions on Ethiopia  to fill the dam as the construction of it is progressing which is said to be at 79 percent currently. 

Sudan and Ethiopia have also developed a border dispute as the Sudanese Forces took control of Ethiopian territories after November 4, 2020 following withdrawal of the Ethiopian army from the border region due to the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The request for the withdrawal of Ethiopian Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan might have something to do with that too. Sudan Tribune on Wednesday quoted a diplomat as saying “It is not conceivable to accept Ethiopian forces deployed in the strategic depth of Sudan while the Ethiopian troops are massing on the eastern borders of Sudan.”

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