Stopping TPLF’s Destructive Activities Fall on Gov’t, People of Ethiopia: Communication Service

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Addis Ababa September 1/2022 /ENA/ The duty of halting the terrorist group TPLF from its destructive activities has fallen on the government and people of Ethiopia, according to Government Communication Service.

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In a statement issued today, the Government Communication Service noted that innocent civilians are being killed, many are being displaced, and properties are being destroyed.

As it can be seen now, the duty of halting the terrorist group from its destructive activities has, therefore, fallen on the government and people of Ethiopia, the statement added.

This is so, “because the terrorist group must be prevented from disturbing our peace and destroying our country.”

Also, the government has a responsibility to ensure that humanitarian assistance is directed to the true intended beneficiaries of the Tigray Region; and hence a conducive environment needs to be created to halt the diversion of assistance to combatants as is being done by TPLF.

The statement further noted that “TPLF is punishing the people of Tigray through starvation by repeatedly launching attacks during the farming season, and the government has a responsibility to overturn this.”

And in the situation where all the efforts made by the government for a peaceful alternative have been shunned, statements being made by various entities equalizing the government with a belligerent clique in “both sides” rhetoric are not acceptable as they deviate from the reality, the release stressed.

“Therefore, the posture of our defense force remains one of defending the various attacks which have been launched from all directions, together with our people.”

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