Standing Committee Visits Status of Rehabilitation Activities in Conflict-induced Damaged Institutions

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Addis Ababa November 11/2022 /ENA/ House of Peoples’ Representatives Health, Social Development, Culture and Sport Affairs standing committee has visited the rehabilitation activities being carried out to help resume the various service providing institutions which are damaged during the war in Woldiya and Dessie towns.

The standing committee has visited the rehabilitation status and services of several institutions including Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali AlAmoudi’s Stadium, Woldia General Hospital, Woldia Health Center, Dessie General Specialized Hospital and Boru Meda General Hospital.

Coordinator of the field visit, Abebaw Dessalegn said the standing committee visited the magnitude of damages incurred on the stated institutions.

He called on all Ethiopians and other stakeholders to contribute their part in the rehabilitation process.  

Members of the standing committee for their parts underlined the need to strengthen supports to rehabilitate women, children, and elders both in temporary and sustainable manners.  

The committee praised the efforts being undertaken to start one center service and safe house in health institutions to provide rehabilitation services to the victims.

Similarly, the heads of the damaged institutions  stressed that strengthening the efforts being underway to rehabilitate the institutions is crucial.

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