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South African Activist Nhlanhla Lux Arrives in Addis –

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South African Activist Nhlanhla Lux

Addis Ababa, January 3, 2022 – The South African Community activist and President of the Soweto Parliament, Nhlanhla Lux has arrived in Addis Ababa to strengthen the #NoMore international movement.

Representative from the office of the Prime Minister Nebiyu Baye and Deputy President of Ethiopian Youth Federation, Tsigereda Zewdu have welcomed Nhlanhla Lux upon his arrival at Bole International Airport.

In a press briefing, Nhlanhla Lux briefed journalist on the objectives of his visit to Ethiopia. “As young African, I have to support the young leader of Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed”, he said.

FBC noted that Nhlanhla Lux has participated in the NoMore rallies held by Ethiopians and Africans in South Africa where he showed his solidarity with Ethiopia.


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