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June 14, 2021
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Sorrowing! Famous Ethiopian Scholar, Rights Activist Fekade Shewakena Passes Away in the US

By De Birhaner

According to trusted Ethiopian netizens and media people based in the US, famous Ethiopian geographer and rights activist, Fekade Shewakena has passed away in the US.

Fekade has been in exile for the past 20 plus years since he was fired from his teaching position in Addis Abeba Univeristy (AAU) 25 years ago by the late Ethiopian Primer Meles Zenawi. Fekade was among 40 other scholars that were fired by the Prime Minister at the time for their alleged “political opinion” the scholars held. He was a lecturer for 10 years until he was purged in 1993.

Fekade has been working as a Research Associate at the Scientific Consulting Group in Maryland in the US since he began a life of exile.

He is popularly known for his appearances in discussions held by Diaspora Ethiopian media such as ESAT, the Voice of America and other media outlets.

He also did participate in various high level Ethiopia focused meetings and conferences as a presenter and panelist. His writings on Ethiopian politics also had appeared on various websites.

He was among the most vocal critics of the current Ethiopian regime but often suggesting reconciliatory solutions.

Fekade and his family leaving Ethiopia 23 years ago (Source: his personal Facebook pade)

We are deeply sorrowed to learn about Fekade’s sudden death and would like to pass our condolences to his families and everyone that liked him and learned from him.

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