Some Western Countries, Institutions Striving to Revive TPLF, Not Benefit Tigrayans: Human Rights Advocate

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Addis Ababa, October 22, 2021(ENA) The intention of some Western countries and institutions is not to benefit the people of Tigray but to save the terrorist TPLF and defend their interest in the region, the Tigrayan Human Rights Advocate Muez Gebrehiot said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Western countries are working to form a puppet government which would be subservient to their interest, not to the benefit of the Ethiopian people.

Ethiopians have to expose the fake information and disinformation being disseminated by the international media and some individuals loyal to the terrorist group, he added.

Muez praised countries like China, Russia, and India for their unwavering and strong stance at the United Nations Security Council meetings to expose the hidden agenda of the West against Ethiopia.

“If the Ethiopian Diaspora continue to expose the evil acts of the terrorist group, it would be a matter of time for things to change because countries and institutions in the West will reconsider their blind views on Ethiopia to support the nation,” he stated.

According to him, the ultimate target of the West is to see a weaker Ethiopia which could be easily manipulated. “But we have a legitimate government and our elected leader is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed not Joe Biden.”  

The Western actors have to accept the legitimate government of Ethiopia which recently won the general election in a landslide as the turnout of the voters was historical and conducted in a peaceful manner, the Tigrayan Human Rights Advocate noted.

Muez underscored that they have to also work with the legitimate political parties based in Tigray.

But contrary to this, they are working closely with the TPLF which was designated as a terrorist group by the House of People’s Representatives. This is totally unacceptable and it is crime as well, he underscored.

The Western countries and institutions have to realize that Ethiopians across the nation are behind the new government and ready to defend the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the nation at any cost.

The human rights advocate further revealed that the humanitarian assistance meant to be delivered to the people of Tigray is used by the terrorist TPLF for its evil acts.

He insisted that the Western powers have to work with legal parties operating in the region and with the federal government to sustainably end the crisis in the region.

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