Somalia PM Stresses Need for Connectivity in Africa to Realize Aspirations for Sustainable Peace, Security

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October 15/2022/ENA / Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre stressed that connectivity is important “in realizing our aspiration for sustainable peace and security on the continent.”

During his speech at Tana High-Level Forum in Bahir Dar today, PM Barre stated that Africa is contending with outstanding threats that impact the survival of the people, the land, and the very existence of the nations.

“In order to build resilience in our respective nations, I believe our continent as whole must contend with two significant factors that would have the biggest impact in addressing any threat: connectivity and people.”

Even more, the connective world is springing unconventional global challenges close to our door steps, exposing our weaknesses and amplifying our fragility.

The prime minister underlined that lack of connectivity in the continent, and in many cases nations, is hindering our ability to pull our resources and individual advantages to respond to challenges adequately and connectivity.

Moreover, he noted that the absence of adequate infrastructure and inability to access basic services and economic opportunities only leads to exclusion, fuels conflicts, and threatens peace and stability.

“We must (therefore) underscore the importance of connectivity in realizing our aspiration for sustainable peace and security,” Barre stressed.

Here in the continent, the most significant asset we own is our people, he underscored.

Yet climate change is exposing existential crises to every living being that strives for food security and many displacements.

The prime minster said each day our community is struggling to adopt this ordinary challenge. They are yet again facing with other threats such as terrorism, radicalization and violence extremism.

“In our experience the only way to stand such a challenge is to involve people who are at the end of the day the ones with their power to bring about lasting and fundamental change.”

Uganda Vice President, Jessica Alupo said her country greatly appreciates the invitation to this high level forum on security in Africa.

“We are here together to get the opportunity to engage and explore Africa-led solutions. I am confident that we shall share views and experiences in a time efficient, result-oriented and open manner that we will adequately address this year’s theme,” she stated.

Furthermore, Alupo pointed out that Africa is facing five forms of security, namely military, economic, environmental, political, and cultural.

The Tana High-Level Forum is underway under the theme “Managing Security Threats: Building Resilience for the Africa We Want.”

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