Somali State Chief Administrators Calls on Partners to Scale up Humanitarian Supply

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Somali State Chief Administrator Mustafe Mohamed has called on donor partners to enhance humanitarian support to people displaced by the worst drought in the region.

US  Chargé d’affaires to Ethiopia, Ambassador Tracey A. Jacobson  and Somali Regional State Chief Administrator Mustafe Mohamed discussed today about the ongoing humanitarian situation in Gode town.

During the occasion, the chief administrator said that he looks forward to more collaboration with humanitarian partners so that people affected by the current drought will get the necessary support.

“The drought in Somali region this year has been one of the worst in the last 40 years. It affected more than 3 million people. In fact close to 3.4 million people are affected. The estimate we have now is close to 1 million livestock lost, and a number of people have been displaced.”

Mustafe said the regional administration is very pleased with the response provided so far, adding that the drought would have inflicted huge damage without collaborative efforts of the government and humanitarian partners, the diaspora and local support networks.

The chief administrator revealed that the rain has started in some parts of the region. But forecasts do not show good rain in this year, he added.

“As the way forward I think we need to do something about displaced people, finding some recovery programs and also mainly focusing on providing livelihood support for the displaced.”

US  Chargé d’affaires Ambassador Tracey A. Jacobson  on her part said the  delegation came to the region to assess and talk about collaboration to meet challenges.

“We understand that Ethiopia is need of some 550 million USD for drought humanitarian funding from January to June 2022, only half of which is funded.”  

According to her, the US provides the largest share of humanitarian aid for the drought (nearly 100 million USD) in addition to donors and the Government of Ethiopia.

The ambassador further said that the US is committed to helping people affected by drought in different parts of Ethiopia.

She visited Higlo IDP camp, Gode Hospital as well as WFP Warehouse; and the ambassador is expected to brief the media on what she witnessed on the ground regarding the overall humanitarian situation in the region.

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