Security Adviser Urges Citizens to Discharge Responsibility for Successful Implementation of Peace Deal

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Addis Ababa November 4, 2022  National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister and member the peace alternative main committee, Ambassador Redwan Hussain urged all citizens to discharge their responsibility for the successful implementation of the peace deal as it affirm Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Members of the Peace Alternative Main Committee has briefed the speakers of the two Houses, chief administrators of regional states, senior government officials and Prosperity Party branch office officials in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed regarding the overall process of the agreement and further works.

During the occasion, committee member and National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Ambassador Redwan said that the agreement mainly focused on securing Ethiopia’s lasting peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He stated that the peace agreement was concluded in a manner that respected the common interests of the people of Ethiopia.

During the peace talk it was agreed that there cannot be two armed forces in one sovereign country and that the rule of law must be respected, Redwan added.

Moreover, he elaborated that activities outside the constitution will be stopped and an Interim Regional Administration will be established in Tigray region until elections are held in accordance with the constitution.

“The option and solution we have is to go together in harmony. In this regard, we will work together to bring the affected communities to their feet and previous social interaction.”

The damages encountered are damages of all Ethiopians, he said stressing the need for concerted efforts of rehabilitation and reconstruction by all.

The works of networking and communication should also take into account the common journey of the people.

He elaborated that it is necessary to work together to rehabilitate the affected citizens by coordinating the existing capabilities.

There is also a need for enhanced collaboration in order to correct the pressure incurred on the economic, diplomatic and other fields due to the conflict, the Security adviser underlined.

In this regard, he stressed that the media should work and play its active role in creating a situation where citizens can learn from the problems and strengthen their solidarity.

“It is our common country that is affected by the conflict. Hence, the peace deal will create a great opportunity to elevate Ethiopia to a higher level with the participation of all its citizens.”

He also underlined the need to work together to prevent the acts of elements with a view to hindering the process knowingly or unknowingly.

Redwan called on all citizens to discharge their responsibilities for the implementation of the agreement.

The peace agreement signed this week between the Ethiopian Peace Talks Delegation and TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa, has reiterated respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and to upholding the Constitution of the country.

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