Scholars Urge Westerns to Condemn TPLF for Transgression –

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Adane Corbo (R), Tadesse Aybera 

Addis Ababa, October 28, 2021 (Walta) – Mizan Tepi University scholars called upon Westerns to condemn the terrorist TPLF for its transgression and pressure the group to immediately withdraw its soldiers from occupied areas in the Amhara region.

In their exclusive interview with Walta Television, Scholars said that the terrorist TPLF has violated international law by deploying teenagers to war, killing innocent people, committing massacres; adding that these perpetrator actions should be condemned; they underlined.

Tadesse Aybera, a law scholar at Mizan Tepi University, said that the Westerns, especially the United States and the European Union, did not show any interest to condemn the terrorist TPLF in a partisan manner under the guise of human rights abuses.

According to the scholars, instead of being neutral, these countries are struggling to bring the terrorist group back to power because the group was a puppet philanthropic government that efforts to satisfy the westerns interest rather than struggling to bring about change for the better lives of its own people.

Adane Corbo, another law scholar on his part said that the United States wanted to make cheap political gains by supporting the terrorist group TPLF. Recalling that during the First and Second World Wars, the United States made a big deal of money of money by selling military weapons and wanted to make a profit from these wars as well.

Adane said the terrorist TPLF had completely violated the 1949 Geneva Convention, from recruiting children for war and attacking protected objects like schools, health centers and spiritual cites.

He said the Ethiopian government should use its ambassadors and consulates in various countries to let know the world what the fact on ground is about the terrorist’s evilly act.

He called upon the people to strengthen their unity more than ever and to ignore the terrorist group’s fabricated stories until this terrorist group demolished once and for all.

They also urged the international community to condemn the TPLF’s genocide at large.

(By: Helen Tadesse)


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