Scholars Need to Defend Ethiopia from Disinformation of Some Western Media, Says PM Advisor

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December 25/2021/ENA/  Scholars need to hold series of consultative meetings and find solutions in defending Ethiopia from the coordinated disinformation campaign by some western media outlets, Social Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister Daniel Kibret said.

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A consultative meeting under the theme “The Impact of False Information on Ethiopian Diplomacy” is underway in Bahir Dar.

Addressing the meeting organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the advisor stated that it has now become common to see the media of some Western countries, including those of the United States, have been disseminating false information from the reality on the ground.

Some Western media outlets have thus been reporting misleading and misguided information on Ethiopia on daily basis during the survival campaign, Daniel added.

“The media have been ignoring what the government was doing to preserve the unity of the country and the people as they were busy in spreading the propaganda of the terrorist group.”

According to him, it is sad to witness that the so-called mainstream media have been ignoring the horrific atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF on the people of Amhara and Afar regions. They consistently stood for the invader.

Stressing that the media have been committing such unacceptable and unwarranted acts intentionally, the advisor noted that their ultimate target is to make Ethiopia subservient.

In his message to scholars, Daniel said scholars across the nation have to be well aware of such planned and coordinated information warfare on Ethiopia and hold series of consultative meetings like this and fulfill their responsibilities by seeking solutions to problems.

Bahir Dar University President, Frew Tegegn said on his part that the propaganda of the terrorists has caused displacement of people and forced the public to abandon their properties.

For the president, such trends should stopped through collaborative efforts.

The conference will discuss the current state of diplomacy in modern Ethiopia, the current situation in the country, the successes and challenges of diplomatic activities, and the Western media and the image of Africa.

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