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Saudi seized 89 women and men of Ethiopian nationality for deportation (Photos)


Handed over for “harboring Shumaisi” after “Tbesimam” and met the procedures for deportation

Pictures .. “tasks” seizes 121 behind and Tdhm nest 89 women and men
Fahd Almnujoma- Sbak- Mecca: toppled field campaigns teams strongly tasks and duties of (administrative control Division of Police, the Holy City), through just six hours, more than 121 underdeveloped and backward, all of whom are African nationalities, also seized 89 women and a man of Ethiopian nationality, they were in the apartment, and living a wild and mixed concert Street dragged Mounsour, and some of them were in abnormal condition, “sugar.”

According to the arrest and the raid, carried out by the Task Force and the obligations of the details “of field campaigns Division administrative seizure by police of the Holy City” dawn last Friday, that the force began to move at four in the morning, and targeted the al-Mansour district, to carry out the task of arresting retarded and violators of the systems of residence, continuation of the previous security campaigns. The campaign ended promptly at ten in the morning.

During the raid and seizure, two of the perpetrators of the Balcony jumped the third floor, and killing one of them died on the spot, and the other sustained fractures of several; and was taken to hospital, King Abdulaziz Balzahir, and took Ajyad police station investigation file in the case jumped offenders, and to investigate the establishment of the concert rave, as well as call His tenant of the building, which was harboring him retarded.

The exact strength of the administrative tasks and duties of all those arrested were handed over to the center of the accommodation Bachammasa, after taking their fingerprints, and interpolation procedures for deportation

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