Sanctions Never Make Countries Peaceful, Gov’ts Democratic

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Addis Ababa, Match 29, 2022(Walta) – The U.S. sanctions in the past have never made the countries in question stable and peaceful and governments democratic, a well-known journalist said.

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Speaking to local media, journalist Hermela Aregawi stated that the H.R. 6600 bill superficially sounds really good, as the title is Ethiopia stabilization peace and democracy act, but it is far from reality. “Some groups who aren’t pro-TPLF actually support the bill as they think that it’s going to hold the Ethiopian government accountable, overlooking the bills are totally anti-Ethiopia.”

As to her, Diaspora Ethiopians are helping somehow or getting in the way of progress as the government has finally resorted to a humanitarian truce in its efforts to reach lasting peace and create a further ground for national dialogue. “So I am pro of negotiations but I think the line should be drawn at arms down.

TPLF cannot have arms up; that I think is sort of the red line for a lot of people. There is a lot of people in the Amhara and Afar states that have been suffering and the bill does not mention them at all” Ethiopia is also gearing towards its national dialogue to help ensure lasting solutions to lingering issues as long as there isn’t foreign interference in the conversations and it is not pushing one group or another to do something.

Negotiations and the conversation within the country went well since the right people were picked who were really doing best for everybody and not just for their ethnic group or their political group.

“We are more active on social media. There are a lot of conversations that were happening behind H.R. 6600 in the San Francisco area last Friday, then on Monday in Washington, D.C. They are going to be rallying against the bill because that seems to be the one that has a little bit more support and then there are a few other cities to do more.”

Hermela called on compatriots to try to stay unified as much as possible. “I understand we all have various interests but ultimately just don’t forget that the larger issue is moving the nation forward and to have peace.”

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