Safeguarding Ethiopia’s Sovereign Rights Falls Under Ethiopia’s Government

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Ethiopia is a sovereign, independent, founding member of the UN with all its rights, honors and international obligations. In his recent message on the repeated request of several UN member countries to take up the issue in the northern part of the country at the UNSC, Taye Atseke Selassie, Ethiopia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations strongly noted that the UNSC has no legal mandate or right to discuss on any issue that falls under the jurisdiction of Ethiopia’s sovereign internal rights as an independent country. “Ethiopia cannot be an agenda on the UNSC sessions, “he added.

 In the same vein, recently, Seleshi Bekele Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the US also noted that foreign powers are in secret conspiracy against Ethiopia and are providing armaments to the terrorist group—apart from interfering in the sovereign rights of Ethiopia, are hatching conspiracies to destabilize and overthrow the constitutionally duly constituted Government of Ethiopia through their messenger, terrorist TPLF, in the same pretext they did in Syria and elsewhere.

Regrettably enough, over the previous year,  the UNSC has organized 12 sessions on issues that could have never been discussed at this global forum. It is nonetheless appalling to consider Ethiopia’s quest and action to use its natural resources to generate hydroelectric power as an agenda for global security. This is incredibly misleading and uncongenial

 Downplaying Ethiopia’s effort to uphold the rule of law and law enforcement in the country, the UN body has become part of a global conspiracy to destabilize the peace and security of the country by serving TPLF propaganda and misinformation campaign in an illegal correspondence which the country’s lawmaker, the House of Peoples Representatives has designated it as terrorist.  By no standards could UN officials correspond with a terrorist group that is conspiring to destroy a UN member nation.

By totally ignoring the official request and appeal by Ethiopia, the Executive Board of the WHO has allowed the Director General of the UN body, Tedros Adhanom, to conduct a propaganda war and misinformation campaign against a country using his office.

Moreover, in unprecedented departure from the lofty goals of the UN Charter and the objectives, the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia has totally ignored the massacre, rape and psychological war the terrorist TPLF and its ally Shene have committed in Amhara, Afar, Oromia regions. Surprisingly enough, the Commission is requesting the UNSC to sanction the people and Government of Ethiopia, which the terrorist group and a few western countries have been conspiring on Ethiopia just to weaken the government.  

The UN and the western powers along with their media outlets have deliberately tarnished the federal Government of Ethiopia by corresponding with terrorist group leader, Debretsion G/Michael. While the western powers and the UN are well aware of Ethiopia’s rights to maintain law and order in the country and ascertain the rule of law, by taking counter offensive against the terrorist group which  has waged three rounds of war. The west and the UN are wrong in referring the brutal group on equal footing with a sovereign and legitimate government of Ethiopia, to deliberately tarnish Ethiopia, a UN and AU member country.

The west and the UN are well aware of the fact that terrorist TPLF has employed Ethiopia’s unilateral ceasefire to prepare for war for several months—i.e. diverting and hoarding emergency supplies that would have been distributed to the people of Tigray, regrouping itself—before officially declaring war on the people and Government of Ethiopia on 24 August, 2022. And they never cared to hold the group accountable in any form; rather, they emboldened it to wage war on the country.

By waging war on the people of Ethiopia, terrorist TPLF disrupted the smooth flow of food aid to Tigray, subjecting citizens in Tigray to massive level of hunger. The west and UN systems are sympathizers to terrorist TPLF, giving deaf ears to the devilish and horrible crimes it inflicted on civilians including women and children. They rather tarnish the government of Ethiopian for the obligations it is constitutionally entrusted to restore law and order as a sovereign state. The government will continue doing so to defend its territorial integrity and sovereign rights.

However, the western commercial media has again started to pick up the misinformation campaign of the terrorist group which tried to falsely make up a fake story. They parrot every false information propagated by terrorist TPLF, effectively cooperating with the terrorist group as part of a clandestine and global conspiracy on a country.

Against all odds, the terrorist group which is well known for tampering with religious shrines, churches and mosques is now using such institutions in Mekele as centers for disseminating its venomous false propaganda to deceive the international community through its nauseating lies about the situation in Tigray.

Some western countries and the UN must learn to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity of the country as well as its rights to defend the people of Ethiopia against all forms of lawlessness,  banditry and orchestra of international terrorists and internal traitors.

The forefathers of western powers betrayed Ethiopia at the League of Nations in 1936 when the late Emperor Haile Selassie appealed for it on Fascist aggression on the country. By the token, today, the western countries and the UN are bashful to condemn the atrocities that terrorist TPLF and its allies are conducting on the people of Ethiopia. Some of them are pursuing national interests at the expense of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and peace in the country. This has been manifest, for instance, by the foiled attacks of Al-Shabab on eastern Ethiopia. Al-Shabab’s attack was orchestrated with TPLF and Shene, and foreign forces behind it. While al-Shabaab is an international terrorist group, calling for global efforts and collaboration to combat it; however, the support by international community rendered to Ethiopia’s fight against terrorism—be it TPLF, Shene, al-Shabaab is much to be desired.

The point here is loud and clear, the west and the UN are trying to tarnish Ethiopia’s glorious history of peace keeping by meddling in the internal affairs of the country to the extent of depriving  its right of natural resources development such GERD on Abbay River. This is a vivid miscarriage of justice on the part of the UNSC which is being utterly manipulated by the so called big western powers.

Ethiopia is once again thankful to Russia, China, India and a number of African countries who stood firm in supporting its legitimate right to develop and determine its destiny.

Ethiopia has every right to determine the destiny of its own people in the battle against poverty and neo-colonialism. The country has time and again demonstrated that it stands for peace and development but would never accept any level of negative portrayal by the west and the UN. To the contrary, the nation will abide by the lofty goals for which the UN is established.

The international community and all commercial media here and abroad need to use this opportunity to verify the falsehood and the reality and refrain from disinformation under the influence of the dying terrorist organization wishing to go as far as to destroy Ethiopia.

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