Safaricom Builds Telecom Network –

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Chief Technology Officer Pedro Rabaçal

Addis Ababa, February 22, 2022 (walta) – Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia has built a telecom network at the capital Addis Ababa to launch its services.

Chief Technology Officer with the company, Pedro Rabaçal said that Safaricom deployed a new prefabricated data center in Addis Ababa, which enable to provide audio, text and internet data.

While local media professionals have visited the newly built Information Center, he pointed out the data center has successfully completed the experiment.

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia announced it has spent $300 million on construction of data center.

It will launch the service in April; to reach 25 percent of the Ethiopian population next year.

Safaricom has planned to invest $8.5 billion in 10 years, it was noted.

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