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June 14, 2021
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Sad but true, – Eduardo Byrono

Sad but true, All these organizations are presenting just one community, And as I have once quoted in the past,no one so far dares to ask why all these gangs are needed?
Or what did they accomplish up to this time? Except opening Facebook page to insult people like me, who are trying to expose their cunning agenda, there is nothing they have accomplished so far.
If I am wrong , then prove me I am, Other than posting posters to announce your meeting date and place on your Facebook page , Please tell me one good thing which any of your organizations have done so far?
We have got thousands of political prisoners from all type of communities languishing behind bars back at home. So what have these organizations done to support or comfort the family, whom the prisoners left behind?
As far as I am concern, these fraud organizations don’t have the right capability to make the right change which Ethiopians have been seeking for over two decades, instead, they have been inflicting more harm on our nation than the oppressors.



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