Russia Supports Ethiopia’s Efforts to Create Peace through Nat’l Dialogue: Amb. Terekhin

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Addis Ababa June 10/2022/ENA/ Russia supports Ethiopia’s efforts to create peace through national dialogue because peace in the country is critical for the Horn of Africa region and even to Africa, Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin said.

Peace in Ethiopia will bring peace in the whole region, he added.

According to the ambassador, Ethiopia is the nucleus of the Horn of Africa region due to its geostrategic position, population and resources.

“Speaking about the role of Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa, we can put the long explanation in short. When there is peace in Ethiopia, peace is possible in the whole region. But if there is no peace in Ethiopia, there will be no peace and development in the whole region; and that means it is decisive not only to Ethiopia but the whole sub-region of Horn of Africa and the whole region. I mean the African continent as a whole.”

Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin further stressed the need to support efforts of the Ethiopian government to hold national dialogue, create peace and unity in the country.

“Undoubtedly, we support the efforts undertaken by the government to develop a national dialogue.”

The inclusive national dialogue could become an instrument of building national unity and peace in Ethiopia.

“We believe that this dialogue could become really a good instrument of building national unity and peace in the country.”

Terekhin called on all reasonable political forces to accept the call for national dialogue and make proper input to the national dialogue.

“We hope that all reasonable political forces will accept this call for national dialogue and make their own input into its development in a proper way.”

The government’s effort in delivering aid to affected communities in the northern part of the country by overcoming many challenges is also a good step, according to the Russian ambassador.  

“It is really a great step by the central government of Ethiopia. We understand the practical realization of these deliveries was connected with overcoming many problems of different character.”

He noted the fact that these deliveries have started demonstrates the good will of the central government to serve all the citizens of the country oblivious of their origin.

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