RT Exposes Brutality of TPLF against Civilians –

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RT’s journalist Paula Slier

Addis Ababa, December 28, 2021 (Walta) – RT’s journalist Paula Slier has exposed brutality of terrorist TPLF against civilians in Amhara region after contacting victims of gang-rape and torture witnesses of lootings and vandalism committed by soldiers of the terrorist organization.

RT’s journalist Paula Slier contacted victims of gang-rape, torture and mass shootings who are receiving medical treatment in Debre Birhan and witnessed the brutality of the TPLF and its supporters.

“Largely because the hospitals in the areas that were under fighting were completely destroyed, Debre Birhan Hospital which is located 130km from Addis Ababa is the main health facility in the area,” she said.

“About 25 Women were admitted in our hospital and the majority of them were treated and discharged home with better improvement. And the remaining 10 are still suffering from serious health condition. And one of the victims is eight years old girl. There is also an 80 years old woman who is raped by the TPLF soldiers.  It’s very shocking news. Raping 80 years old woman is senseless,” Dagim Shimelash, Medical Director of Debre Birhan Hospital told the RT reporter.

The 80 years old Victim also said “When I was asleep during the night, someone knocked on the door and said, ‘Please open the door’. Then he punched me, took me down and raped me. I don’t know him. He was a stranger with a gun.

“I’ll never forget what they did to me, because they came to my home accusing me of being the wife of one of their enemies. I denied it. But, they just burst into my home, tied me up and then four of them raped me. I was in the fifth month of my pregnancy and I lost the baby. I’m not sure if I will ever be fine again,” the other victim said.

FBC learnt that Paula Slier also went to a town named Ataye in North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region where most of the rape victims came from after hearing their harrowing stories. And, she enabled the international community see the actual damage that was left behind.

“In eighteen days they stayed in our area, the TPLF soldiers completely destroyed homes like this. I mean, there’s absolutely nothing left. So not only did they looted the home, but they also burnt it when they left. And, there are a lot of people still afraid to come back, but there’s really not much to come back to. I mean, if you look here, even the window frames, absolutely everything has been vandalized,” the survivor in Ataye town said.


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