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  Who is responsible for “Qoueshe”? – By. F.a. wondmagen

I start my article by just asking who is responsible for “qoushe”? On this article, my only objective is asking. When a government breaches its constitution, and no independent institution is available to enforce the constitution, then who is responsible? Who is accountable? Here are two excerpts from the Ethiopian constitution the EPRDEF government has been boasting for the past 22 years.


Rescue workers watch as excavators dig into a pile of garbage in search of missing people following a landslide when a mound of trash collapsed on an informal settlement at the Koshe garbage dump in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri

Article 14 Rights to life, the Security of Person and Liberty Every person has the inviolable and Be inalienable right to life the security of person and liberty.

Article 15 Right to Life Every person has the right to life. No person may be deprived of his life except as a punishment for a serious criminal offence determined by law.

A huge mountain of garbage “Queshe” a dump site for the past 50 years collapsed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the capital of Africa on Saturday March 11, killing at least 115 people, with unknowns more still missing. The tragedy isn’t the first of its kind, according to a piece on the disaster in the American Geophysical Union’s Landslide Blog, http://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/2017/03/17/koshe-1/  but it is the deadliest such incident in years.

Regardless how and why it happened? The big question to such disaster and many atrocities committed by the government in Ethiopia for the past 25 years: who is responsible? How is the golden scriptures of the constitution not implemented? We can ask so many questions, however, the EPRDF government will never admit nor admitted to any wrong doing to any situation any time. When the government of Ethiopia breach the law of the land, where and how can victims seek justice?

After visiting the remaining victims of this garbage disaster, the mayor of Addis Ababa, Deriba Kuma promised to set up a special committee that will be chaired by him and investigate the cause of the disaster and which will recommend appropriate action. Also, the mayor said people whose family members died in the collapse have received money ranging from $430 to $650 each, and that they would be resettled permanently in the coming years. This is the typical response to any disaster or crimes committed by its irresponsible official from any government official in Ethiopia.

No government official took any responsibility for the disaster that happened on March 11, 2017. According to Ethiopian Satellite Television Report on March 30, some of the survivors from this disaster were told to get lost or just go away wherever they want without any compensation, though: government media were reporting that hundreds of millions of birr were donated by many individuals and corporations. Like many African countries, the government of Ethiopia, led by the EPRDEF, for the past 26 years has written constitution, laws and by laws that the ruling party or class don’t intend to abide by. So as former resident of Addis Ababa, and a citizen of Ethiopia, I ask Who is responsible for “Qoueshe”? where can we go to seek justice for the victims?

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