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Response to Goitom Gebreluel, Biniam Bedaso & Nemera Mamo authors of “ Managing Ethiopia’s political crisis”

By Getachew Reda (ED-ES)

Lately, several articles caught my eye forced me to react on them. Among those, a commentary titled “Managing Ethiopia’s political crisis” Written by Goitom Gebreluel, Biniam Bedas & Nemera Mamo authors of “Managing Ethiopia’s political crisis” posted at Satenaw.com on February 8, 2018


I am surprised how educated elements such as those brothers still after 26 years of observation on the present system, failed to understand the nature of the ruling system in Ethiopia. They obviously and miserably failed to characterize the system by its accurate name “Fascism”! The characterization they used to explain the nature of the present ruling gangs sitting in power in Ethiopia not as such, but as “Ethnic Elite Competition”. Because, they describe the system as such, surprisingly also, their immediate solution is to de-ethnicising etite competition at the Federal level.

Well,,, well,,,well,,,  Is our primary goal to de-ethnicising elite competition or to completely a system change that shuttered them from computing in the national destruction?  Ethnic Elite Competition is not a system by itself to bring the desire radical removal of the system. If we want the system entirely changed, then the system should be completely scratched with all its ugly packages that plunged the nation into ethnic conflict. That includes removing the ethicized elites who are members or leaders of criminal organizations engaged in the crime of genocide.


You suggested; quote-

<< The two most important reform measures that should be embarked upon immediately in this regard are devolving more power to the regional states in accordance with the Constitution and de-ethnicising elite competition at the federal level.

That is not going to happen. The nature of the system won’t go for such reform, because, you are looking at Fascism not at some kind of ordinary dictatorial system. Here is why many Ethiopian elites are failed miserably diagnosing the system. You are focusing at structural reform instead of focusing who controls the organ that regulates the structures.

In the medical field there is what they call DNA, RNA, Promoter, “Gene” and “Protein” (in short DNA makes messenger RNA and RNA makes Protein and Protein is “us”.  Gene as we all know in school is a unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring. So, in order the Gene to activate, the DNA must touch each structure acting as a switch turning the “promoter” (that was holding different structures inside it (cells) and the “Gene” to create the protein.

Therefore, what we see here is those structures cant able to operate/activate freely, unless, the DNA turns/touches all of them to produce the desired production (protein) regardless they have properties/cells. Similarly the DNA the promoter also will not survive without the others party’s coordination.  Now, same goes to the political structure of the current “Fascist” system lead by the TPLF organ, what you guys call it “Elite Competition”. The elites are competing, because the Organ is intentionally controlling the structure. And they cannot be able to freely operate or promote their desire regardless their competition. Similarly, the TPLF/Federal power can’t rule as it wants to rule, because, the structures are competing it and denying its power to controlee them (that is what is called negative factor).  Because, the organ and the elites has similar desire to control regardless the aggressive argument we are hearing among each other to stabilize their corrupt system. Generally speaking, either the main organ/Federal or the structure (authorities of the ethnic territory) are all there to destruct the life of the nation for the last 26 years. They are all antigen to the existence of the wellbeing of the nation.

What the ruling party (TPLF) and their similar puppets (territorial authorities) are doing to reverse the up-rise of the people all over the country as their survival mechanism is reprimand members, purging members and replacing similar elements in order the Organ/system/ and the structure to survive. That is not what we want. And that is why you guys are looking for as a solution in different interpretation but same result (may be worst). In order to silence the elites competition, you recommended the “de-ethnicising elite competition  or  devolving more power to the regional states. Developing more power to the regional states under the status quo system can’t produce anything better than the organ itself. By demanding more power without domination by the main Organ/system/, they will be the replica of the organ replacing the national “Fascist elites” with the local Fascist elites.

I say this because; all the ethnic elites who you are asking for them for more power to operate the regional state are ethno fascist politicians who are not better than the federal TPLF fascist elites who are operating the system.

I might add something here you or some of my readers might not like it. Look at the Oromo people for example. (don’t tell me Getachew do not say the Oromo people, say only the Oromo elites, as you all are used and accustomed to describe when it also comes to the Tigray people and their elites as well). Look at their agenda’s and beliefs. Look at their ethnic flags, look at the language they are promoting/embracing “Latin alphabet”. Look how they described their regional states’ territories- look who they call themselves, look who owns as master of the territory- “3/4 large chunk of Ethiopian land illegally and unhistorical with  invented named called “Oromia” designed as Kellil /bantustanized territory”.

All Ethiopian regional state territories are not owned by individual citizens of Ethiopia, but them/by the designated ethnic group”!!  So, promoting more power to the said ethnic territories citizens to be lead by ethno-politicians can only bring “the end of the nation”! or more repression of individual citizen and more deportation.

For example the current Oromo population 90/95 %  (by a mild estimation) pledged elegance to the OLF/Gada/OPDO and other Oromo made flags (consist of the red, white and black colored- with an oak or huge tree on it, directly copied from the Arabs), not to the Ethiopian Flag or to the nation. That is sad, but true.

I have to refute adamantly the respected writers’ position which is totally in the business of promoting more power to the ethno fascistic designed federation as a solution to the present crisis. We have to dig in to the source of the current ethnic politics if we want to diagnosis where this antigen started to penetrate to the blood stream of the nation. The 26 years havoc has its roots. It is what is still continuing to be interpreted by many educated sectors as “PROCESS Of DEMOCRACY” and “FEDERALISM”. I have to take all my readers back to history to show what created the current system in Ethiopia that we seeing with its 26 years of lethal journey near to end the survival of the people of the ancient nation of ours.  If you do not recall history, you will never find out the secret cause root of the havoc.

Be it bitter for some of you or boring to hear to some of you (since it is been told over and over for years/lately) The present political organ and its structures are built to destroy some of the countries assets or particular population/ethnic. Hatred for the Amhara people and its elites is the primary target. Christianity follows (remember, Tefera Waluwa who supposed to represent “Amhara” (though he is not Amhara), said openly to the Ethiopia people <<The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the hiding place of “neftegnoch” or chauvinists >>), the next target was (still is) Ethiopia, its flag and its culture (remember Meles Zenawi calling Ethiopia ‘the land of Amhara engulfed by Amhara culture and religion’, and  its flag “a piece of rag “CherQu”-— remember the notorious Oromo ethnic (OPDO) Hassen Ali, now livening in America in Minnesota, calling our flag “piece of rag “CHERQ”. Please follow me now attentively!!!!!!

Those assets were and still are the target for destruction since 1935 until present time as we speak. Most of those assets are either brutally bruised or decapitated. Those assets will be under attack continuously (as we saw it last week to what happened to the Amharic language in the Oromo territories. Commercial Adds and trader offices or governmental offices buildings read/written in Amharic language is been painted with graffiti).Therefore, either the federal power voluntary or out of pressure loosen its grip for power control or full power shared to the apartheid territories, there  unless the system is complete scratched out, the havoc will not stop. Because, remember what I said on my article

The Border Lords of Oromo and Tigre… – ethiopiansemay.blogspot … https://www.facebook.com/128930193915384/photos/a…/734504693357928/?type=3

I said “A Rotten Apple, Plus a Rotten Apple, Plus a Rotten Apple —You May Continue Adding Up – Will Never Produce a Good Healthy Apple!

Who initiated such attack? When did it started and why?

The current ethnic federation lead by Weyane was initiated by Italians; that is “non-unitary “federation of tribal and regional colonies”. <Is it, therefore,> says my beloved teacher the late Dr.Aleme Eshete <Is it, therefore, exaggeration to say that the CIA-Weyane have made a carbon copy from Fascist Mussolini? Do you see any difference in strategy and objective with CIA-Weyane “federation of tribal states” and the tribal dismemberment and annihilation of Ethiopia of today? Asked Dr. Aleme (rest his soul in peace).

The Grandeur Historian Dr.Aleme Eshete

The Grandeur Historian Dr.Aleme Eshete

In the war of liberation the role of the Ethiopian clergy was phenomenal. For that, now they are under attack by TPLF and its associates “the Oromo elites”. The flag is been the symbol of victory. Now, it is under attack (replaced by Italian design ethnic flags). Amhara were at the front war defending the nation (now, for that, they are brutally murdered and displaced by these ethnic thugs  who are well oriented by the Italians and the Marx/Lenin Guru follower, ‘Waleling Mekonne’ (Addis University leading student figure- himself an Amhara by ethnic- who is loved by EPRP/TPLF/EPLF/OLF/ONLF) and Prochazka (Nazi from Hungary).

What you see now in Ethiopia is What Dr. Aleme referred to it as

<<” Mussolini’s “Legge Organica” or “Basic Law” or Charter and Constitution drawn for the conquered Ethiopia in June 1936.”>>

It is an instrument of “divide et Impera” following Prochazka ‘s strategy of “tribal dismemberment”. As you recall, Dr.Aleme’s paper “The dismemberment of Ethiopia”, he compared the similarity of Mussolini’s five tribal governments one by one with the Weyane 9 Fascistic apartheid and bantustanizaed/kellil governments. We will see in several instances that Weyane and OLF/OPDO/OILF and Somali extremist Islamic elements… carried the tribal dismemberment of Ethiopia and the crime of ethnic cleansing, massacres and mass deportation to a much higher stage than was even contemplated by Mussolini. Am I not Right? The actors in this crime for the last 26 years were many, but major player are OLF/OPDO and TPLF (including the destructive Islamic Ogaden Liberation Front and their subsets).

Therefore, the origin of the current tribalization of Ethiopia is originated from Italian Fascists and followed by Ethiopian Marxist students of the old era student movements. Therefore, that is why the popular historian and political scientist Dr.Aleme calls the present system under TPLF “a continuation of Fascism> (with the highlight “From Fascism to Fascism”>>

Therefore these respected writers are proposing uncontested power be given to the regional state elites (Apartheid territory) as primary solution to stabilize the present havoc to normal peace and unity. What a joke!

This is Genocide through the Law. Once these apartheid territory are allowed in full control (do not forget, the designer of this genocide sitting at the ethnic chamber is TPLF) of their apartheid territory, slowly but surely “genocide” and fast secession tendency (which is already at its climax in the Oromo and Tigray and Somali elites leading it) will geared in full speed. Seeing the nature and the way the country is been trapped for 26 years, sadly, intellectual responsibility has gone to the drain as fast as the eye can see. These kinds of intellectual writers and others like them are still promoting “more power to the ethnic fascist politicians” who they still believe self determination up to and including cession.

These writers are embraced fascism (by demanding more power be released to those apartheid territories lead by fascist elements) at the same time condemning the elite ethnic competition for power. No matter full power is given to the apartheid territories in Ethiopia, full self-determination, no matter full democracy is preached, there will never be such freedom to citizens as long as the territories are designed to carry tribal politics.

Look at what these brothers are writing;

<< Regional officials accused the federal government of denying them the right to participate in devising an urban development plan that had economic implications. This dispute sparked the protests, which eventually led to a u-turn on the plan by the government, but only after a great human, political and economic cost had been incurred.>>

This is exactly what sparked the conflict between the “ruling gangs” and the “promoter gangs”. The people got caught in the game of two or more apartheid political gangs (federal versus apartheid territory authorities) confusing the people. “This is ours and that is yours”, “us versus them”. We all remember the motto of the people of Oromo who got into dispute with the ruling gangs was “Oromia Kegna!!”.

They claimed the territory (even though there were other ethnic farmers at around the disputed territory) belongs to the Ormo people. How on earth someone could from Jima or Elibabur or Welega or Harrar Oromo far awy from Addis Ababa could come-out and claim and protest the land around the city of Addis Ababa belong to them?

Can you understand this chemistry? This is because they are oriented as one country, one people, under one flag as Oromo nation! Unfortunately, these Oromo who are living in different regions of the Ormo Apartheid territory (Kellil) did not come-out and claimed “WelKait and Woll Kenga/ours/”. Why? Because, they did separate themselves for from the rest of their Ethiopian brothers and sisters for the last 26 years as a different people. That is why they installed and honored the disgusting and porno type status called “Anolle status“ in Arsi, accusing Amhara/Menlik/ committed  genocide against the Oromo hundred years back. What kind of country is this? Are the Oromo different country allowed to erect such ‘status’ to activate hate and conflict in the mind of Oromo against the Amhara living in one nation as one people of a nation? What is the mission behind this?  Of course, you know it! It was the work started in 1935 by the Italians and embraced by Oromo corrupt elites who themselves were involved in genocide since 1991 even beyond.

TPLF fighters’ monument erected in Mekelle who were told Amhara as enemy of Tigray.                                          


Meles Zenawi and the notorious Pastor Tamrat Layne and Berhanu Negga having a good time while the Amhara were slaughtered behind the door.

Anole Orom Status aimed at triggering to create conflict with the next generation between Amhara and Oromo population erected by the Oromo hate group.


The three OLF leaders who were engaged in the Amhara genocide. Dillma Negewo, Lencho Leta and the notorious Ebsa Guttema& Dawud Ibsa Ayana (currently inand out of Eritrea cooking conspiracy with his supporter the criminal Isayas Afewerki. Sadly, they are still controlling the mind of the useless, mercenaries and kiss-ass Ethiopian elites and their media inside the oppositions.

The photo under these criminals are Amhara infants/children and pregnant women slaughtered by OLF criminal secessionist gangs lead by the above Oromo elites.

Dear brother writers, look, here is the silver bullet for your solution that you are looking <<All educated Ethiopians with the sense of accepted education and humanity, should completely condemned and demand to remove such system from the face of Ethiopia, not to demand more power to such hateful elites who are leading organizations participated in Genocide!!!>>

Since political elite competition is not the primary source causing the current political crisis in Ethiopia, it can’t be managed by removing   Political elite competition. The problem is not the elite competition. What lead them to the destructive and negative competition is the politics they cooked. That is Fascism. Therefore, the silver bullet as a solution to resolve the current havoc is completely rejecting the status quo system. Do not forget the system was designed by outsiders and their internal agents. See the above photo attached at the beginning of my writing. I gave you to look at history, back in 1991. Looking at that photo,  Endrias Eshete and the CIA Paul Henz were leading the conference. Just ask “Who is Paul Henze” to begin with talking about our country?! Ethiopia is not what we know as we knew it before. Like it or not, she is under attacked and colonized by outsiders through their different proxy agents.

Thus the communal wars of self-aggrandizement with each “tribe” or
“sub-tribe” engaged  in the demarcation of new “official borders” in
preparation for the legalized self determination up to independence has
caused   involving massacres of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians has followed to this date must stop. In order to stop it, the ethnic politics either in the form of democratic federalism or the purely naked “Ethnic federalism” system should be completely scratch-out from Ethiopian politics once for all, and start to look another alternative, which in this case should look back to the old “Kiflehager” (regional administration) style with little changes, not to manipulate borders to favor ethnic group in order to equally administer individual citizens not by ethnic affiliation or group domination.


Getachew Reda (ED-ES) getachre@aol.com




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