Residents of Gashena, Burqa & Lalibela Towns in Amhara Disclose Atrocities of Terrorist TPLF

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Addis Ababa, December 04,2021 (ENA) The terrorist TPLF had committed numerous atrocities during its occupation of Gashena, Burqa, and Lalibela towns of Amhara region, residents of the towns revealed.

The towns of Gashena, Burqa, Lalibela and the environs along with other several towns were recently liberated from the invading terrorist TPLF.

Expressing their joy over the end of TPLF’s tyranny by the gallant Ethiopian forces, the residents said the terrorist group had committed inhuman atrocities in all the towns during its occupation.

Father Berihun Kebede, a priest living in Gashen town, told ENA that the group had committed horrifying atrocities and crimes against the inhabitants of the town.  

Despite their rhetoric that the “fight is with the leaders of the ruling Prosperity Party, not the community”, he said the terrorists killed many people, including children, and raped women and looted properties.

“They had been intimidating and frightening us to give them weapons they believed we buried by threatening to blow our heads,” he added.    

Currently, the cruel group had been destroyed by the offensive of the joint forces and are in disarray.   

Similarly, the group had committed heinous acts in Burqa town before it was expelled from the town, residents said.

The damage caused by the terrorist group in Burqa is huge, according to a reporter of ENA on the ground.

Residential houses in the towns had been used to hide heavy weapons that fired on Ethiopian forces, it was learned.

Sources approached by ENA said the group had looted and set fire on public and private properties, including health facilities, schools, shops, and houses.

In related news, coordinated efforts are underway to rehabilitate and enable public service providing institutions become functional, according to officials of the region.

Officials of North Wollo and South Wollo zones of Amhara region and other stakeholders have visited the historical town of Lalibela and the rock-hewn churches.  

North Wollo Zone administrator, Deacon Tesfaye Batabil said during the occasion that the terrorist group had destroyed several infrastructures, including the Lalibela International Airport and several business institutions.

He called on all people to take part in the effort to rehabilitate and maintain the public facilities  as soon as possible.

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