Residents of Adwa Town Preparing to Observe 127th Victory of Adwa

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Addis Ababa / ENA/ March 01 /2023/The residents of Adwa town are preparing to colorfully celebrate the 127th victory of Adwa tomorrow.

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The 127th victory of Adwa will be celebrated tomorrow across the nation with different festivals and events.

The battle fought at the northern Ethiopian town of Adwa in 1896 against the invading Italian forces is one of the most powerful episodes of resistance to the scramble for Africa.

The residents of the Adwa town are preparing to celebrate this great victory of the black people.

As part of the celebration, various events have been underway today including sports competition, among others.

During the occasion, the residents of Adwa town noted that this year’s celebration of Adwa victory is special as the peace agreement signed to end conflict in the northern part of the country.

Moreover, the residents expressed gratitude to the federal government for its commitment to bring peace and stability, restoration of basic services, providing humanitarian aid assistance and reopening of public service institutions in Tigray region following the peace agreement.

The residents described Adwa victory as the symbol of freedom for Ethiopians and black African that need to be promoted and pass to the next generation.

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