Religious Fathers Call upon Faithful to Stand for Peace, Support Needy –

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Religious leaders

Addis Ababa, January 07, 2022 (Walta) – Religious leaders called on followers in their Ethiopian Christmas message to stand for the peace of the country and sustain the longstanding culture of supporting the needy, while observing the holiday.

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Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church His Holiness Abune Mathias called on followers to stand in unison for maintenance of peace and extend support to elders, orphans and people affected by the current situation of the country while observing the festivity.

The Patriarch stressed that the long-cherished Ethiopian culture of sharing with the disfavored need to be eternalized into Christian’s personality and in their day to day lives.

Abune Mathias also urged the faithful to provide the much desired support for people who have been displaced from their homes and in dire need of humanitarian assistance while marking Christmas. The faithful are expected to play an active role in sustaining the age-old peace of the country.

Archbishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew, stated that the faithful need to observe Christmas by supporting the poor and exercising empathy. “While marking the Birth of Jesus Christ, we should love each other and don’t hate others. We were created in God’s resemblance and everyone should love their brothers and sisters.”

The Cardinal also called on the adherents to move away from hatred, arrogance and pride and extend support to the people affected by the current situations of the country. The faithful have to show sympathy to the conflict affected people who lost their family and whose heart is broken by the terrorist group.

President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Fellowship PastorTsadiku Abido also urged followers to support the conflict-affected people while observing Christmas. Easter.

“To make displaced people happy, we have the responsibility to stand by them and support the poor. We should pray for our country’s peace and contribute to its development.”

(Source: The Ethiopian Herald)

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