Religious, Ethnic Conflicts Mask for Political Agenda: Sidama and Oromo Elders

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May 03,2022 (ENA)  Most of the so-called religious and ethnic conflicts in the country are not actually religious and ethnic motivated but masks used to conceal political objectives by conflict entrepreneurs, a Sidama and an Oromo elders told ENA.

Speaking to ENA, the Sidama elder Taye Berso said the so-called religious and ethnic conflicts are works of conflict entrepreneurs to attain their political goals under the disguise of religion and ethnicity.

Taye believes that the causes of the recent conflicts in Gondar city and other parts of the country are not in truth religious but agendas of political forces that want to destabilize Ethiopia.

Christians and Muslims have existed in harmony for centuries, not only in Gondar but also all over Ethiopia, the elder noted, adding that conflict entrepreneurs would however try to use religion as a means to attain their political objectives.

“Religions and ethnic groups have lived in harmony for many years. There haven’t been religious or ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia. But conflict entrepreneurs who have a mission to destabilize Ethiopia under the cover of religion and ethnicity are now spoiling the culture of peaceful coexistence. I believe these groups and individuals are taking religion and ethinic as agendas to realize their hidden political interests.”

The Sidama elder noted that conflicts in Ethiopia are mainly created by external forces that are working day and night to destabilize Ethiopia.

The people of Ethiopia should protect their peace and stability from these external enemies who are working tirelessly to destabilize Ethiopia, Taye stressed.

The Oromo elder, Negewo Waqeyo said on his part that Ethiopians are peace-loving. “They want peace to improve their livelihood and the economy. They want to promote unity and prefer peaceful dialogue rather than conflict.

According to him, conflicts in the country are political motived under the disguise of religion and ethnicity.

Negewo underscored that “conflicts are disputes created by anti-peace elements. The people of Ethiopia, however, want to live in peace, unity, and harmony. They don’t want their country to disintegrate. We all are one; and we all have one country.”

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