Refugees Urged to Get Registered at Nearby Immigration & Citizenship Service Centers

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Addis Ababa August 12/2022/ENA/ Refugees and Returnees Service has called on refugees in Ethiopia to comply to the registration announcement made by Immigration and Citizenship Service as the registration does not affect their status.

Speaking to ENA, Refugees and Returnees Service Director-General Tesfahun Gobezay said the registration is not only for refugees that have a status registered by UNHCR and Refugee and Returnees Service (RRS).

It also includes foreign nationals with expired legal documents and those who came to Ethiopia in informal and illegal way, he added.

According to him, the activity is solely carried out to know foreigners living in the country. The registration has nothing to do with the status of refugees.

“We therefore plea to our refugees to get registered as this is not in any way to upgrade or minimize the status of refugees. It wouldn’t affect their status. This is an international activity to know how many foreigners live in the capital or other towns, and to know in which areas they are engaged.”

The service has been advising and pushing refugees to get registered, complying with the announcement of Immigration and Citizenship Service, he underscored.

Moreover, refugees would be better served if they get registered, the director-general noted.

Finally, appreciating those who are registered, Tesfahun called on those refugees who have not yet registered to go to nearby service centers and get registered.

“Fortunately most of the registrants so far are refugees and we appreciate those who have already registered. We also call on those who haven’t registered to go to the nearest service centers and get registered.”  

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