Reform Created Conducive Conditions for Increased French Economic Presence in Ethiopia: Ambassador

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June 29, 2022 (ENA) Ethiopia’s reform agenda has created conducive conditions for increased French economic presence in Ethiopia, according to Ethiopia’s Ambassador to France.

his opening speech to the Ethiopia-France Trade and Investment Forum
that brought together nearly 60 Ethiopian and French companies and
government institutions in Paris, France, Ambassador Henok Teffera
stated that the political developments created after the reform have led
to increased French economic presence.

a result new actors such as Canal + in 2021 with an investment of over
70 million euros in the creative industries and the Soufflet Group, with
barley production engaging over 50,000 Ethiopian farmers and an outlay
of 50 million euros alongside historical economic actors such as Total
Energies have appeared,  he added.

According to the ambassador, the
political relations of the two countries have been qualitatively and
quantitatively scaled up with the coming to power of Prime Minister Abiy
Ahmed in 2018.

about the political situation in Ethiopia, Ambassador Henok asserted
that the recent conflict in Tigray region of Ethiopia was initially
triggered by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that has
governed the country for the last 30 years.

waged a war against Ethiopia, though its plan failed thanks to
Ethiopians who rallied to save their country and ensure the continuation
of the reforms, he added.  

In this regard, the ambassador
also mentioned that the government has declared a unilateral ceasefire
in order to show its commitment to peace in addition to taking the
necessary actions to ensure peace in the country.

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