Reconciliation Commission Working to Ensure Transitional Justice, Requests Extension of Term

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January 15/2022 (ENA) The Reconciliation Commission will prioritize the investigation of significant human rights violations and play a leading role to ensure transitional justice, according to the chairperson of the commission.

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In its half-day meeting today, the commission reviewed the major activities it undertook during the past three years.  

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Chairperson of the Reconciliation Commission Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel said the commission has been making preparations for human rights abuse investigation, reconciliation, and provision of transitional justice since its inception in December 2018.

He noted that the country is facing extreme political views which resulted in serious human rights abuses and instability.

The reconciliation commission has now completed preparations for a lasting reconciliation process among the community, it was learned.

“Since March 2019, we have made preliminary steps to resolve conflicts, address significant human rights violations, provide transitional justice, carry out participatory activities, and build national consensus in the future of Ethiopia.”

The chair, however, said that the commission was unable to enter into full implementation activities due to internal and external factors.

“As the work is new and developing not only in our country but also in the world, we faced many legal loopholes as well as internal and external challenges such as war, conflict, and the COVID-19 pandemic in our country,” Cardinal Berhaneyesus elaborated.

Despite the aforementioned major challenges, the commission has been making preparations to investigate serious human right abuses and ensure a transitional justice across the country, he pointed out.

To this end, offices are being set up to undertake investigations and provide transitional justice, the chairperson stated.

The Chairperson finally called on the government to provide the necessary support for the reconciliation commission to fulfill its mission of providing justice and reconciliation.

Cardinal Berhaneyesus finally called for extension of the term of the commission, which was three years.

The Reconciliation Commission was established with the objective to maintain peace justice, national unity and consensus and also reconciliation among Ethiopian peoples.

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