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Reconciliation with Whom? Has Christos ever Reconciled with Satan? – by Belayneh Abate

You might have been praying the Amara agents of the Tigre People Libration Front (TPLF) would rush to Bahir-Dar to save TANA, where our skeletons, flesh, life, soul, spirit, history, religion, culture, fauna and flora are residing. Instead of rushing to Bahir-Dar, these Amara TPLF agents dash to Mekelle to perform reconciliation drama between TPLF’s base population, and the Amara people. Why the Amara people have to reconcile with Tigre people? Is the Amara People in conflict with Tigre people or with its self-proclaimed enemy, the TPLF? Have the Tigre people approved the TPLF’s Dedeb Manifesto, which declares “crush Amara and build Tigre Republic on its grave”? Do the Tigre people practice this Manifesto as TPLF continues to do so? OR is TPLF trying to prove that TPLF is equal to Tigre minus the born again Gebremedhin Araya plus few others as many Ethiopians think?

TPLF destroyed the prestigious Ethiopian reconciliation tool -Shimglina using Efrem Yishaq and other Yihuda messengers as weapons decades ago. Similarly, TPLF boasted it has crushed the spine of the Tewahido church through infiltrating pseudo monks, priests, deacons, bishops and patriarchs as spies and agents. However, TPLF re-assembles the destroyed shimiglina and the crushed Tewahido church for reconciliation when its victims revolt to choke its throat. Because its victims are revolting to choke its throat, the westerners’ servant-TPLF is gathering its donkeys in Mekelle for “reconciliation” while sending the other donkey, Ephreme Yisaq, to America to start a new “church reconciliation process” intended to demolish the exiled synod. As Wiki leaks exposed, the exiled synod was overthrown by anti-Tewahido Evil Tamirat Layine. Tamirat Layne was admired by Ephrem Yisaq as God’s miracle in his eyes on national TV.
While Epherem Yisak is currently crawling like snake to seduce the weakest Diaspora bishops in USA, TPLF is airing reconciliation drama with Amara people using its donkeys as actors. These donkeys do not understand that respect begets form power, not from reconciliation. In realty, these donkeys are acting to eat hay and chaff after wards. Otherwise, how could hay-eating donkeys that sold their rights for grass reconcile on the behalf of Amaras massacred, tortured, displaced, dehumanized, starved, and sterilized for decades? Which chaff-eating jack ass has the mandate to reconcile on the behalf of murdered and tortured Amaras in Wolkait for more than 40 years? Which hay-eating donkey has the mandate to reconcile on the behalf of the Bedeno Amaras , who were thrown alive in Grand Canyons? Which grass eating- jenny donkey can reconcile on the behalf of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters massacred in Arbagugu, Arsi Ngele, Amba Geiorgies, Gondar, Debreteabor, Bahirdar, Merawi, Dangla, Debremarkos, Debre Birhan, Yifat, Desse and many other places? Which hay-eating donkey has the mandate to reconcile on behalf of Amaras tortured in known and unknown prisons? Which chaff-devouring donkey has the mandate to reconcile on the behalf of mothers and children thrown on the streets of Gura Ferda, Assossa, Metekel, and many other places?
Reconciliation with the TPLF murderers is reconciling with Satan. Satan will remain Satan no matter how many times you reconcile and expect change in his behavior. Reconciliation never transforms Satan to Angle, but it could transform the Angle to Satan.

If you doubt the existence of Satan, look at the leader of Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF). No one has seen Satan as no one has seen God. Satan is known through his evil deeds as God is known through his good wills. Scriptures teach Satan steals, robs, cheats, lies, betrays, murders, and tortures. The holly books preach Satan worships money, spreads hate and enjoys bloodsheds. These satanic deeds have been the ritual of the TPLF leaders since they started annihilating the Wolkait Amaras 40 years ago.

One of the main architects of the wolkait master plan, Legese Zenawi, once boasted that his first step in the struggle for power was robbing public banks. His disciples, just like their prophet, robbed the wealth of Ethiopians including the six- thousand meters long mountains. The Ethiopian proverb goes: The Satan that ordained an individual as deacon will never leave him until he promotes the individual to priesthood. Satan ordained Legese Zenawi as deacon of bank robbery, and stayed with him until he promoted him to priest of life robbery.

The priest of life robbery, Legese, his comrades and his disciples have massacred, tortured, disabled, jailed, displaced and sterilized hundreds of thousands of Amaras guided by the deddeb manifesto of establishing Tigre Republic at the graves of Amaras. This kind of manifesto is the work of Satan: No human being designs and practices annihilating one ethnic group to establish the republic of another ethnic group.
The graves of Amaras were not enough to establish the Tigre Republic as originally planned. Therefore, TPLF amended the deddeb manifesto to expand the graves to Ambo, Wolega, Jimma, Gambella, Arisi, Bale, Harergae, Sidamo, Afar and other regions. Based on this amended manifesto, TPLF has massacred the people living in these regions since the victims realized the barbaric nature of TPLF and resisted the daylight robbery of their lands and other resources.

The TPLF victims started to rise up in unison to root out the devil that kept them apart for twenty five years. However, TPLF reacted swiftly portraying the metaphor of fire and straw. TPLF swore that it will continue to spray benzene among ethnic groups to compel them burn each other as straw and fire. This type of ritual again is the ritual of Satan: No human being works hard to compel people burn each other.
Having seen all these satanic deeds and leaving justice aside, the donkeys have gathered to pretend reconciliation designed to prolong the existence of TPLF and the suffering of Amaras. The preachers of reconciliation please look at the pictures of the massacred Amara children and parents thrown over the streets, rivers, cliffs, mountains, jungles, valleys, mosques and monasteries of Ethiopia! Pay attention to the blood soaked clothes, the fractured skulls, the disfigured faces, the deformed chests, the perforated bellies and amputated extremities. Please listen to the suffering voices of sisters and brothers in known and unknown prisons.

What types of conscience, heart, and gut you have to sit down and reconcile with these kinds of murderers? Who in the universe gave you the mandate to reconcile with Satan on the behalf of the annihilated, tortured, displaced, starved, dehumanized, and sterilized Amaras?
Do you know any sane person that reconciles with Satan? Do you know any religious individuals except Judah, Gebremedihin, some Sheikhs, Mathias and some of his bishops that work with Satan? Do you know any disciple or prophet who ever reconciled with Satan? Has Christos ever reconciled with Satan?

The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com


July, 2017

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