Recent attacks in the Amhara region send thousands fleeing in search of safety

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Recent attacks by Tigray rebel groups in the Amhara region have prompted thousands of people to seek refuge in Dessie town, 400 km north of  Addis Ababa, over the past 4 days, with some sleeping in schools and churches, the city’s mayor said.

There is continuous arrival of displaced people to Dessie from nearby towns such as Mersa, Habru, Woldia, and Wourgessa areas, Abebe Gebremeskel, the city’s mayor said. He said that in the last two days, at least 15,000 people have arrived in Dessie town while more people continue to arrive.

The new arrivals fled recurrent attacks in the past week in the North Wollo Zone, before reaching safety in Dessie town. The mayor said a large percent of the refugee burden was being born by the town,  some staying within communities and churches while others are sheltering in overcrowded public sites like schools, as they are closed for some break. Food for the displaced is in short supply. The community relies heavily on donations from aid workers and well-wishers in the town who gives food and clothing, he said. The Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Bureau is working with the administration to provide support for the displaced, he added.

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