Recent Atrocity in Oromia Plotted by Terrorist TPLF, Shene & Foreign Elements: Finnish Diplomat

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June 25, 2022 (ENA) The recent atrocity committed in Wolega Zone, Oromia Region, is plotted by the terrorists TPLF and Shene, and foreign anti-peace elements, former Finnish diplomat Simo Parviainen revealed.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the former diplomat said that Kjetil Tronvoll from Norway has suggested to a pro-TPLF media that the incident is committed by TPLF, Shene and other anti- peace elements.

He also quoted an activist who is a constitutional scholar in Australia and working with Shene as saying that “the commands of the headquarters of (the so-called) Oromo Liberation Army and TPLF are working together.” 

The former Finnish diplomat elaborated that this person, who calls himself a constitutional scholar in Australia, was saying that the commands of the headquarters of Shene  and TPLF are working together. “So, definitely I analyze that there is connection there.’’  

According to him, the incident would also be connected with Sudan and  Egypt as they are  working probably with the TPLF and Shene because they try to destabilize Ethiopia due to GERD, even if Egypt can’t really stop Ethiopia’s dam and development.

Parviainen underscored that these anti-peace elements are trying to destabilize Ethiopia together with TPLF and Shene.  

The former diplomat also heard from people close to TPLF circle residing in USA and Europe  saying that they have very close cooperation with the extremists working in Oromia Region.

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