Ratification of HR 6600 Draft Bill Would Create Conflict, Chaos in Horn: Scholar Warns

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Addis Ababa March 15/2022 /ENA/Ratification of the so-called HR 6600 draft bill will not bring peace and stability in Ethiopia, rather create conflict and chaos not only in Ethiopia but also in the Horn of Africa region, School of Diplomacy Head Endale Nigusse said.

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The scholar at Civil Service University told ENA that the motives of the draft bill are not genuine and constructive.

It is to be recalled that US Representatives Tom Malinowski and Young Kim initiated a draft bill dubbed ‘Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace and Democracy Act (HR 6600) to impose various forms of sanctions against Ethiopia, including economic and military.

The draft bill is not only against interest of Ethiopians but also the sovereignty of the country, Endale pointed out.

According to him, the draft bill is absolutely biased as it mentions nothing about the overwhelming atrocities being committed by the terrorist TPLF group in Amhara and Afar regions and the ongoing sufferings of the people of Tigray.

Ethiopians have been exerting efforts to address the challenges in the country by holding all inclusive national dialogue with a view to creating national consensus and reconciliation, the scholar said, stressing the need to provide constructive support for the efforts instead of drafting a bill that aims at weakening the people and government of Ethiopia.

Endale pointed out that the attempt being made by these US officials is also against the democratic institutions in the US, international covenants, and the UN Charter that prohibits meddling in the internal affairs of other nations.  

USA has huge interest in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea that cannot be realized without a strong Ethiopia, the head said, adding that the draft bill has never considered the reality on the ground.   

The scholar further urged the US government to reject the draft bill by considering the importance of its longstanding relations with Ethiopia, the overall existing realities of the country as well as the significance of maintaining peace and security in the Horn of Africa.  

In this regard Ethiopia needs to sustain its diplomatic relations with the US, based on tolerance, fairness, and mutual respect, he underlined.  

Endale finally called on the Ethiopian Diaspora across the globe, the people at home and Ethiopian diplomats to exert their campaign against the ratification of the draft bill.

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