Prominent Personalities Stress Need for Active Participation of Citizens in National Dialogue

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Addis Ababa ,March 23/2022 /ENA/ Human Rights Activist Obang Metho and the celebrated Athlete Derartu Tulu have urged all parties and citizens to actively contribute their share to the success of the national dialogue.

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The prominent personalities told ENA that all need to contribute to the national dialogue to move forward and build a stable, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia.

The national dialogue would play important role in building a nation that is strong and united because questions and ideas are raised by political forces, academicians and the citizens, they noted.

Human rights activist Obang Metho said that all-inclusive national dialogue is of paramount importance for peace and stability of the country.

Peace and stability cannot be achieved unless national consensus is reached, he added.

Hence, it is necessary to carry out activities that lead to national consensus and common ground through sincere trust and understanding in order to continue as a nation and citizens of Ethiopia, Obang underscored.

“Ethiopia needed national consensus not now but 4 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago,” the activist stated, adding that “many wrongs have been done on Ethiopians. Atrocities were committed and many persons displaced. So, comprehensive national dialogue is crucial to change this scenario and solve the problems the country faces, maintain our fraternity, unity and integrity.”

Athlete Derartu Tulu on her part reiterated that all parties and citizens need to bridge differences and put Ethiopia on a stable political and democratic path.

Recognizing the facts on the ground and the importance of narrowing gaps through  consultations, she noted that the government and the public are expected to contribute a lot to this end.

“It is clear that there is misunderstanding among us. However, we need to bridge the gaps. The government and citizens need to contribute their part in supporting the national dialogue commission in identifying divergent interests circulating among the people,” Derartu said.

Preparations are underway in Ethiopia to hold a comprehensive national dialogue to build the country on a solid foundation by creating national consensus on fundamental issues.

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