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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on Ethiopians across the world | Ethiopian News | ZeHabesha

Dear Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed!
Thank you so much for making the call to all Ethiopians both local and around the world not to be alarmed or persuaded by the fake media news. As Ethiopians, we want peace, unity, prosperity, and progressive democratic reforms for our country and all citizens. And it can be achievable through respectful dialogue and understanding with a long-term progressive reform rather than short-term or radical reforms which leads to war with unconceivable consequences, like losing human lives, displacement of communities, breakdown of social fabrics, and destruction of proprieties. In summary, the desolation of a nation.
Even now, it is possible to make peace with your brother and friend Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael. Yes, there are issues, misunderstandings, and disagreements which led to devastating conflicts and caused suffering to all Ethiopians regardless of our tribes. Sometimes it is possible to have ideological and political opinion differences but live together through respectful accommodation. But we should not allow our differences to control our lives and society then lead us into war and destruction. Especially as the leader of a nation with over one hundred million people behind you.
Your disunity, disagreements, and conflicts have made all Ethiopians sad and hopeless, and also has made Ethiopia very weak, fragile, unstable, and vulnerable on every side more than ever.
As a born-again Christian brother, Dr. Abiy should lead the way of forgiveness and reconciliation. You can use various community Elders to facilitates the reconciliation and peace process. Sometimes we can win the devastating war at any cost but still lose peace, unity, stability, and prosperity. And also, sometimes making peace with our political opponents is the sign of being genius and strength for higher good rather than foolishness and weakness. Without pax-Ethiopia (peace) then it is almost impossible to achieve the great mantle of prosperity which means we need Magna Carta for Ethiopia.
Progress ideas and reforms are very good but it has to be checked with current realities as well as historical facts. For example, Ethiopia has a long history of tribal interests and conflicts, so that we may not repeat the same mistakes and end up in the same trap. For example, Emperor Haile Selassie faced numerous challenges both internal (regional interests or tribal conflicts) and external (the invasion of fascist Italy), but he was able to defeat both the external and internal challenges and made Ethiopia united and one of the strongest countries in Africa whereby all other countries were languishing under colonialism. On the contrary, Col. Mengistu Haile-Mariam or Derg tried various reforms and radical changes then people hated and rebelled and conflicts arose in various parts of the country. And at last, Derg failed miserably and left us with painful consequences for which we are still facing until today. The differences between the two leaders are huge. Haile Selassie had the foresight and ability to accommodate various competing tribal and regional interests and also wisely walked between and among the greatest superpowers and competing forces of his days.
If Nelson Mandela made peace and worked with de Klerk to make South Africa a united and strong free nation with various races and tribes; if Uhuru Kenyatta shook hands with Raila Odinga are working together to make Kenya a stable and prosperous country after the 2017 highly contested election. Then why not possible to make peace and work together for Dr. Abiy Ahmed and Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael. Once again, all Ethiopians and Ethiopia can enjoy peace, stability, unity, and prosperity. Once again you can rebuild the broken social-economic and political fabric of Ethiopia and move the nation forward into a better future. I hope and pray that by this time Dr. Debretsion has learned his lessons even though it has been the hard way and will be a peacemaker and great leader for the unity, stability, and prosperity of all Ethiopians. Great leaders forgive and make peace and start a new chapter for a better future. Like Jesus Christ, even though we crucified him, he forgave us all our sins, made peace for us with the Father, and now we live a new life of hope and victory.
Dear Dr. Abiy, PLEASE MAKE PEACE with Dr. Debretsion for the sake of all peace-loving Ethiopians.
If there is a sincere political will then there is always a way.

Peace Loving Ethiopians

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