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Press Release on  Ethiopian Amercan Omaha Memroia Day

May 28,2019

EthiopianAmercans in the great metroplitan Omaha NE and the surrounding celeberate  the Memroial Day with recognition of  OPS honored students and passing the  legacy of EThiopian and Amercan vetrans who served  our nation USA and their native Ethiopia at Elm Wood Park.

During the celeberation  the community and  spiritual leaders motvated the partcipants to rememeber their  begining at a historical anicient nation Ethiopia and their destination USA who  both conributed for the peace  keeping of  the world by sedning  vetrans  during World War II,UN  peace missions of Afghanistan,Iraq,Congo,Korea,Rwanda and Somalia.

A message  sent from General Taye Tilahun, 4th Ethiopian Air Force commander and the story  of another Ethiopian vetran general Demissie Bulto read.Laura Thomas, a community activist from Omaha, a grand daughter of vetrans gave  lesson on the meaning of Memorial Day with admiration of Ethiopian anicient  cities and churches she visited,the food and the culture.

The two  church leaders from Ethiopian  Orthodox Church presented a historical message  and advice for the community   based on the history of Ethiopia from the time of  Queen of Sheba and remind the generation to keep up that great heritage  for caring each other and others.

The community also  recognzed those Amercan volunteers ,churches and social services who help families and students for life transition of citzens  in the great nation USA in many ways.

Finally, Ms Alana Shriver a specialist from OPS gave an educational message to those new Americans and awarded the recognition certificates to the students  and volunteers.

The Ethiopian Amercan community is a non profit entity established to cooperate  natives of Ethiopia for a mutual purpose  in the life transtion of  Ethiopian Amercans.The Community  have been participating in  all aspects of human care for those natives of Ethiopia during crisis  at Middle East and involved in restoration of  citzenes during the Hurricane  disaster in USA.

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