President Sahlework Urges Entrepreneurs to Promote Peace, Foster Dev’t in Eastern Africa

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President Sahlework Zewde called on entrepreneurs to practically prove their support for promoting peace and fostering development in eastern Africa.

Entrepreneurial Forum for Peace and Development (EFPP) led by former Ethiopian leaders aimed at promoting peace and fostering development across the IGAD region was launched today.

In her opening remark, President Sahlework said private sectors are victims of conflict and war; thus they must proactively work to ensure peace and development.

The establishment of the Forum is timely, Sahlework stated, adding that it will empower Ethiopia and its contribution to maintain peace in the IGAD region and the continent at large.

Ethiopia has encountered plenty of damages due to lack of tasks that should have been executed previously, the president, mentioned, and added that the government is undertaking inclusive peace and development efforts that includes charity organizations and businesspeople.

Sahlework stressed that the Forum must devise a strategy to resolve the security crises induced drought and cessation of developmental activities.

Furthermore, she noted the need for the Entrepreneurial Forum for Peace and Development to discuss with IGAD member states on strategies aimed at bringing lasting peace in the region.

Ethiopians, if determined and stand together will undoubtedly ensure lasting peace in short time, the president said, and affirmed that the government will provide all the necessary support in this regard.

EFPP Executive Board Chair & Former Ethiopian President, Mulatu Teshonme said that the private sector was at the receiving end of all the damages caused by war in the country over the past years.

“The forum, by  coordinating the business community, will work to resolve conflicts in Ethiopia and the region through peaceful means, to prevent conflicts from occurring and to carry out rapid rehabilitation after they occur, to continue economic and social development activities on a regular basis,” Mulatu elaborated.

EFPP General Assembly Chairperson, Belayneh Kinde said that the country’s current situation forces the private sector more than any other time to stand for peace.

He added that the business community is committed and determined to actively participate in the government’s efforts to ensure peace and sustain development.

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