Pres. Sahle-Work Says Terrorist TPLF Committed Atrocities That Should have Never Happened in Ethiopia

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President Sahle-Work Zewde said the terrorist TPLF has committed immense atrocities and destructions that should have never happened on the land of Ethiopia.

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The president made the remark in her message she delivered at the celebration of Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) particularly observed colorfully in the historical town of Lalibela today.

Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia are celebrating Christmas on Friday two weeks after it was celebrated in the West as Ethiopian Orthodox Church considers January 7th being the day of Jesus’ birth.

The holiday is marking colorfully at historic city of Lalibela, Amhara region of Ethiopia.

President Sahle-Work said in her message that the cruelties demonstrated by the terrorist TPLF are against the centuries old Ethiopian values of harmony.  

Ethiopia had been protecting its historical heritages by defending its national sovereignty from the various invasions attempted by foreign enemies.  

However, she added the current invasion is not undertaken from outside but carried out with ill intentions by an enemy from within.

The president further stated that the terrorist TPLF had committed various atrocities on the residents of Lalibela during its invasion of the town including rape, looting and destruction of properties among other things.

Several people in the town have also been displaced and faced a number of challenges due to the invasion of the group, she said.

President Sahle-Work urged the people of Ethiopia to stand together with a view to ensuring the peace and harmony of the nation. She also called on all to step up efforts to rehabilitating the destroyed infrastructures.  

Members of the Ethiopian diaspora and friends of Ethiopia and other dignitaries from around the world have been participating in the holiday being celebrated in Lalibela.

Genna, (Amharic word) or Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January or Tahisas 29 according to the Julian calendar.

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