Premier Calls on International Communities to Strengthen Humanitarian Response Programs

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May 26, 2022 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has underlined that strengthening humanitarian response programs requires a huge amount of resources which cannot be fulfilled without the partnership and cooperation of the international communities.

In his speech to the Extraordinary Humanitarian Summit and Pledging Conference in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Abiy stated that as unprecedented crises have been occurring in recent days,  the international community has to elevate financial assistance to address gaps in the provision of humanitarian services to all.

He particularly pointed out that the humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa sub-region is very concerning.

“Lessons from our past experiences of recurrent droughts in the Horn of Africa region have shown us that stronger preventive method measures are critical,” the premier stressed.

Speaking on the drought situation in Ethiopia, he indicated that some parts of the country were hit by one of the worst droughts that caused loss of livestock and displacement of people.

In this regard, Abiy explained that national efforts have been taken to mitigate the drought-induced impacts and humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia.

The prime minister noted that several institutional measures are at the center of the nation’s endeavors.

“For example, under the country’s Green Legacy initiative to engage the public in planting billions of trees every year, Ethiopia commits to keep the momentum.”

In addition, as part of Ethiopia’s Homegrown Economic Reform plan the government has embarked on undertaking encouraging agricultural reform measures centered on ensuring food security.

“This is being undertaken by harnessing our own resources in local experience through cluster farming and irrigation based lowland wheat production.”

Highlighting the ongoing provision of humanitarian assistance in the country, the PM said Ethiopia has intensified its effort towards aids supply to millions of displaced persons amidst severe difficulties.

“We are also cognizant of the unfortunate humanitarian situation even under a severe socio-economic problems like global inflation. Ethiopia has intensified its effort towards the provision of humanitarian assistance to millions of displaced persons,” he stated.

The premier also pledged to consolidate the indefinite humanitarian truce declared by the government in March 2022 to expedite the provision of humanitarian aid for the needy people in conflict affected areas.

In spite of the internal challenges, Abiy underscored that Ethiopia will continue to fulfill its international obligations through its tradition of welcoming refugees and migrants.

Ethiopia has open door policy and it is the third largest country hosting significant number of refugees, the premier said, adding that the country commits to continue maintaining its open door policy for refugees and asylum seekers.

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