PP Reiterates Commitment to Remain Steadfast In Implementing New Nat’l Vision in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa June 24/2022/ENA/ Prosperity Party (PP) executive committee members said that the party has remained steadfast in consolidating and implementing a new national mindset that suits Ethiopia.

Four years ago, the public disobedience and the people’s struggle toppled down the TPLF-led regime, with its manifestation of  deep-rooted economic fractures with  injustices, violations of democracy and human rights, and the emergence of a few in a group, it was learned.

However, the ongoing change is embroiled in a struggle between the reformists to see a respected and united  Ethiopian  through embracing national change and a group that has a desire  to destroy the  country,  the executive committee members said.

Alemu Sime, Sema Tiruneh and Chaltu Sani are among Prosperity Party Executive Committee members who reminded relentless struggle to reverse the reform since the beginning of the change.

In particular, the terrorist TPLF has been working day and night to sow divisions and suspicions by undermining the social values, incite people to ethnic and religious strife, and ultimately declare war on the country, the Executive Committee Members explained.

Furthermore, the members recalled that in addition to internal and external man-made and natural disasters such as locusts swarm, COVID-19, floods and droughts have been the major challenges of the reform.

Despite these challenges, the reform  has laid a foundation for democracy by widening the political sphere to all citizens including those who had been in exile,  releasing political prisoners and the opening up of closed media outlets, building democratic institutions, and reforming   suppressive laws.

The Executive Committee Members have also said the reform has enabled all sections of the society to be part of the national endeavor being held to build the country.  

They say that the previous politics of conspiracy has been replaced by the spirit of working together for a common country, enabling the nation to bring elected government through free and democratic elections, attaining  successful mega projects and a healthy political culture.

Prosperity Party (PP) executive committee member, Dr. Alemu Sime said one of the objectives of this reform is to transform the old age political culture of the country, adding that the nation has managed to register positive achievements by overcoming the various challenges.  

“One of the biggest objectives of this reform is to transform the old age political culture of the country.  We have been registering remarkable achievements in terms of institution building efforts as well as economic development. We managed to have these positive achievements by overcoming the various challenges. Hence, the reform has experienced challenges and astonishing victories with in these challenges.  We have also other challenges ahead of us that should be resolved with extensive struggle,” he elaborated.  

Dr.  Sema Tiruneh for his part said the reform has been registering encouraging achievements in terms of ensuring the equal rights of citizens in the affairs of their country.

“We have been able to ensure the equal rights of all the people in the country in which all are given the opportunity to make decision in the affairs of their country with a sense of belongingness by eradicating the sentiment that divides citizens in which some benefits while others are not.”     

Chaltu Sani mentioned some of the changes being registered in the economic sector.  

“There are huge changes in various aspects. We can mention the mega projects that have already been completed. While we are in similar situations, we have been able to register extremely amazing achievements, we can see at the level of Addis Ababa as well as the mega projects at national level, the projects initiated by the our Prime Minister, and other that are even eagerly awaited by others outside of the country are really encouraging that enabled us to focus on inward looking with a view to exploit the opportunities in our hands and tackle challenges.”  

In its first congress, the party has shown its quality of a well organized  and strong party to  represent all Ethiopians.

According to them, the congress  was a historic event that enabled the members to evaluate the achievements of the national reform program and identify the source and solutions of the challenges.

Public discussions were held throughout the country on the directions set by the congress and it was confirmed that the directions are being executed with the needs of the people.

Speaking on the political field, the executive members said the Prosperity Party will work hard  to nurture  a new national mindset that would make Ethiopia and its people respectful by abandoning the laggard  political culture.

Dr. Alemu pointed out that  the country is in a new type of political culture that fits Ethiopia stressing the need to further expedite the ongoing efforts.

“We are implementing new type of political culture based on new political paradigm designed in line with the thinking of Medemer that resembles and fits the objective realities of Ethiopia. We will further expand this as there is a need to paradigm shift in the country.”

The members recalled that the direction prioritized addressing public problems, including law enforcement, service delivery and good governance, and the cost of living.

The law enforcement operation on anti-peace forces, especially in the Amhara and Oromia regions, has ensured the safety of citizens and the measures taken to alleviate the cost of living have been effective, they pointed out.

The government is taking strong action against the Shene terrorist group that recently carried out massacres of innocent people in West Welega Zone of Oromia region.

They also assured  the party will continue to focus on maintaining public order, fighting corruption and improving service delivery.

Dr.  Sema said Prosperity Party will continue its fight against those who attempt to disrupt its ongoing efforts to building strong nation that ensures the equal rights of all Ethiopians.  

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