PP Passes Decision to End War in Northern Ethiopia Through Peaceful Talks

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June 27, 2022 (ENA) Prosperity Party (PP) has passed a decision to resolve the war in the northern part of Ethiopia through peaceful talks, according to Minister of Justice Gideon Timothiwos.

Member of Prosperity Party Central Committee and Minister of Justice Gideon Timothiwos revealed that the Central Committee of PP has decided to give a chance for peaceful talks to end the war in the northern part of the country.

A committee, established by the Executive Committee of PP, presented a study report of peaceful options to the Central Committee of PP, which then had extensive deliberation, Gedion said.  

He said that the decision has taken several issues into consideration including the importance of peace to the country’s development and ensure the successful conduct of the inclusive national dialogue.

Enormous efforts have been made by the government after the conflict was erupted, Gedion said and added that halting further human and material losses and prevention of additional bloody conflict, as well as rehabilitating the victims were also issues considered.

Accordingly, the decision has been made to give peaceful options a chance, Timothiwos said.

Gedion added that clear guiding principles and frameworks have been put in place by the committees regarding the ultimate goals of the peaceful options.

The committee underlined the talks should be conducted by respecting the constitution of the country, he added.  

Gedion further stated “It is also decided that both the process and outcome of the peace talk will be conducted in a way that safeguards the sovereignty and national interest of the country.”  

The peace talks will be carried out under the direction and coordination of the African Union.

According to him, the committee has made it clear the as success of the peace talks will be determined by the efforts of both sides; and if there are attempts by the other side to disrupt the peace talks and take actions that will result in damage to the national interest of the country, the government will take the necessary measures.  

To this end, decision has been made that the Ethiopian National Defense Force be on high alert to take the necessary action.

The Party has called on all Ethiopians and other pertinent actors to play a constructive role to the success of the peace alternative.

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