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Postpone the June 5, 2021 Election! | Ethiopian News | ZeHabesha

The election should be postponed if the ruling party has any credibility left. What ever credibility the ruling party has to work for at-least one year to get the trust from the public.

At this time with all anger by Amara people unless they rig the election PP party should forgo any vote from Amara specially from the cities and towns. Unless as usual rigging the vote, their chances of winning the election is history.

For the overall ruling PP after loosing the whole Amara vote how would they think to win nationally? The ideal thing for you todo is to postpone the election on the ground of peace and security, apologize for your dereliction of duty and work hard to gain the trust of the people if that is even possible.

Otherwise you can rig the election do business as usual no one in the right mind will believe you that you get the vote from Amara people after what you have done.

The PP party should forgo the vote you are craving for the election. It is not logical for the angry Amara public to vote for you. At this time the PP party has people who do not care and implicated in this atrocity committed by the cannibals who want to survive like the animal predators. Shame on you.

First and for most our deep sorrow and sympathy for the people who lost their life with this political gamble. As a human being this should not happen on the first place. But there are selfish ignorant people how has no regard for human life just see the profit they get by canabalize humans for them to score. This is what the so called Oromo leader once said we beat the gamble, we should not be surprised on this tin head, who only think about his fodder like regurgitating animal. What do you think?

One other Oromo PP is alluding that one of the Amara opposition party is an agent of Egypt. Sorry to make fun on your physical appearance your suggestion is as skewed as your vision. I do not think Oromo people deserve short sighted leaders like you who take out an idea like genie to coverup your crime of complicity. Let as reason why your hypothesis does not hold water. There is a say “Yemiyene Labeye” which is actually the Oromo fighters are operating in tandem with their financiers (Egypt) to create wreak havoc  across the county. Due you think the Amara opposition party massacre the very own people they want to represent, in Ataye, Kemisse, North Shewa.. Rather the Oromo so called fighters including your colleagues in Oromo PP are working in tandem with the foreign entity to unsit Abiy from priemer ship. Watch this youtube an imbecile so called expert smirking and giggling like a child on the plan to destabilize the country and replace Abiy government with Egypt friendly leadership. If the Ataya massacre is not an Egyptian funded atrocity and according to you it also supported by the Amara opposition party I think you are no different from the Egyptian imbecile.  Watch this youtube of the imbecile analysis by the way it makes me puke of the smirking and giggling of this retard.

The major problem in the country is the criminal and incompetent Oromo PP party leaders who do not have a vision for Oromo people and allow some short sighted so called Oromo leaders to roam around the country and create havoc and menace. These self claimed Oromo leaders have a huge inferiority complex

 they massacre, butcher, and commit untold atrocities on their fellow citizens as vengeance. They commit genocide on people who are not their tribe. The Oromo PP party leaders have no intention to prevent this atrocity in their own backyard and there are now facts appearing for them abetting the massacre and the atrocity.


It is a coordinated act every time such massacre is committed in different corner of their back yard, where they are suppose to lead, the Oromo leaders are spending millions of tax payers money on self aggrandizing dancing and clubbing in city high end hotels when these horrible atrocities are committed in their jurisdiction.

This is a horrible crime and there will be time you will be accounted when justice prevail you might hide for now but not forever. 


If you had a vision for Oromo people in addition to keeping peace and security to all people living in your region, for all race, faith, creed citizens, which is the minimum responsibility expected from you. You could have spent the millions tax payer money, you spend for your dancing and clubbing, you could have paid bonus the true heroes, the farm extension workers, who are toiling in every Oromia farm land, teaching the farmers to be productive applying farm technologies. The Oromo people deserve better leaders and your incompetence is creating wreak havoc to all your neighboring administrating regions. You have bad blood with Somalia, Amara, Debub, Afar regions. You could have also with Tigray had you bordered them.  


The other sad institution is the justice system. The government have appointed deserving knowledgeable Justice and attorney general and credit is due for the appointment. However the Judges who run the court and the prosecutors who are expected to do their jobs are no where to be found. If you have a shortage for Justice personnel it is time to ask all “ Ethiopians” with such qualification come from any corner of the world and run the courts Pro bono.


When ever I hear in the news that there was a court day for the genocider Jawer and his cohorts it makes me feel to puke. The presiding judge of this court does not know how to run a court and I am not sure if it is like this in all court appearances. When ever the genoicer, killer Jawer come to court should come shackled and handcuffed and only in the court room he should be allowed to be unshackled. The place he and his cohorts sit in the court is funny. The prosecutors and the lawyers sit infront of the Judge with table and chair. This killer sit behind them with asile between him and the lawyers, crossing his leg and hands stretching back spew his political ramble in the court where he is on trial of serious genocide crime. It is only his lawyers that need to talk to the court and not his opinion and he opens his mouth the judge should gag him. No this is the day where he open his mouth and spew his venom with tax payers money and this is mockery for the people he massacred and maimed. The prosecutor should bring the maimed survivors who have to live handicapped the rest of their life by hit paid thugs.


What penalty is the prosecutor asking for the genocider, he should ask multiple death penalty not one as he snuffed the life from the innocent people who has not even lived life properly, just for their race and faith. The evidence is easy when this genocider coined the word “Angethune BeMencha bellew” in the US people took the matter lightly but he took it seriously and executed it in Shashmene, Bale, Arsi, Guji else where deploying his paid assassin thugs. 


In one line of Facebook post “Tekebeku” when his body guard were disarmed in Addis he activated his paid killers and assassins whom he bank roll, in hours the genocide committed in Arsi, Bale, Shashemne. This does not need rocket science to link this atrocity to his bank rolled tugs to commit this heinous crime. You can map phone calls and money transfers. It is a wonder how a human being sleep at night after committing this atrocity. His tugs killing as he worded it in youtube is merciless atrocious with machete with no mercy, killing and maiming children, elderly men and women.


This is not enough he travelled to US for fund raising to commit another genocide. If this was done on US people by now he would have been fried on the electric chair. Who cares you are doing it on Ethiopians not Americans. He was punctual and did it again in bigger scale after an orchestrated killing of a young popular gifted artist Hachalu Hundessa. These acts are like pushing pawn he gambit as a chess game.


He wanted to be released and once again want to defecate on the face of the people. No what you deserve

is to snuff out your life as you have snuffed out thousands of people life. When justice prevail you will get your penalty soon.


Soon the public will act.

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