Political Market Threatening Nation Building Efforts Unless Halted Through Swift Actions: High Ranking Government Officials

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Addis Ababa January 14/2023/ENA/ The political market trend in Ethiopia is an imminent threat to the ongoing inclusive reforms and nation building efforts, where swift and collaborative actions are required to halt it , according to high ranking government officials.

In an
exclusive interview with ENA, Minister of Planning and Development, Fitsum
Assefa and State Minister of Finance, 
Eyob Tekalign pointed out that various features of political market  are manifested in Ethiopia including
corruption and extremism bent on abusing rules and regulations of government
institutions for personal interests.

Minister of Planning and Development Fitsum Assefa, stated that there are many actors whose ultimate goal is to hunt for individual interest and to achieve their calculated profit rather than benefiting the nation and its people.

The desire to illegally arm oneself by
ignoring the peace alternative is also the other manifestation of political
market bent on creating uncertainty and instability in the country, she further

In this regard, a country like Ethiopia,
which is in transition or reform, is exposed to political market, she sated.

Recall that Ethiopia has undertaken
massive reforms in various spheres. For Fitsum, foreign elements have their
hands in the political market  to thrive
in Ethiopia.

Foreign and local forces work together to
achieve their interest in the name of the people. 

Highlighting that the political market is
a dangerous trend and it could halt the reforms and nation building efforts,
she noted that it drags the efforts of the inclusive reforms in political,
economic, social, democratic and other spheres.

 Fitsum pointed out that the political market
actors do not have the desire to work for the genuine cause of the society.
“Political market massively harms the peace and security of the nation; it only
pursues individual and/ or group interest, not the interest of the nation,” she

Developed countries have already completed
their jobs in nations building and institutions. So, they can ensure
accountability by their strong institutions.

However, countries with ample resources in
Africa, in geopolitical strategic location, and countries which are in the
process of nations building and in the process of institution building are
vulnerable for political market, it was indicated.

For instance, when we see the colonialists,
they targeted weak countries to realize their ambition of partition of Africa
as local mercenaries played major roles, Fitsum elaborated.

“The biggest lesson is that
by resisting the pressure of the political market, it is crucial to  reduce our vulnerability. One of the areas
which exposed us to groups or extremists, corruption and other wrong doings is —backwardness, so  reducing poverty is extremely important.”

The minister further said
that embarking on poverty eradication could massively reduce the vulnerability
of the country for political market.

State Minister of Finance Eyob Tekalign for his part said that individuals or groups are advancing their personal interests in the name of general public or society through the political market.

Though idea superiority is preferable to
transactional politics, actors of 
political market are causing problems, resulting in the sufferings of
the people and undermining the country’s development, and growth, to  ultimately 
dismantle  the nation.

Simply, the political market is a market
where politics is used in transaction to advance  individual interest as a priority at the
expense of  the interests of the general

Eyob further stated that in the nation
building endeavours, conducive situations are created to resolve the backlogs
of political issues which were not settled for many decades through the
National Dialogue Commission.

Apart from this,  advancing political market is unacceptable
and needs swift and collaborative actions. “We have to fight and stop such
trend once and for all.”

One of the major targets of the political
market actors in Ethiopia is disrupting all the positive beginnings of the
reforms which are being undertaken in various sectors.

Eyob stressed that all segments of the
society including the media, scholars, and the people at large have to fight
such devastating trend nationwide, halt the threat and realize the  long-term ambitions of the nation.

The government of Ethiopia has undertaken
bold reforms that have given hope to millions in Ethiopia and beyond despite
internal and external challenges.

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