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Political Correctness and Unscientific Comparisons are Deceptive and Counter Productive

Belayneh Abate

As the saying goes, we are entitled to our opinions. However, this entitlement does not permit us to run away from facts. For absolute facts there is GOD, and for relative facts there is scientific method. Our opinions ran away from facts when we detach ourselves from GOD or scientific methods.

Raw (absolute) numbers are better than nothing, but they are not scientific methods.  Based on the unscientific raw numbers such as the few Tigres asking for coins on the streets,  many politicians preach that Tigres have not benefited from the brutal western-puppy regimen. These preachers believe in political correctness, but not in GOD or scientific methods. Political correctness is a polite form of lie or treachery. Therefore, we can say with certainty those who believe in political correctness do not believe in GOD or scientific methods.

I have witnessed some “educated people” (PhDs, MDs, JDs, Masters)  concluding  that Tigres have not benefited  from the current racist regimen because they have seen some Tigres stretching their hands  for pennies in Addis Abeba. Have not benefited compared to whom, Mr. PhD? May be compared to Agnwaks, who lost 343 souls in one day (click here) and evicted from their fertile land  they worship as God? Compared to Ogadens, who have been suffering from continuous war, famine, and several cholera epidemics for decades? Compared to Amaras, who are being massacred, sterilized, tortured, imprisonsoed, and evicted from all corners of the country, where their forefathers fought fiercely against colonial invaders and expansionists? Compared to Oromos, who are being massacred and imprisoned to the point even the TPLF leaders themselves declare “the prisons speak Oromogna”? (click here)

Mr. JD, Mr. MD or Mr. Educated! If you believe in scientific methods, you may come up with this or similar formula to calculate the net benefit of any group.


The good deeds are practices that promote the social wellbeing of society. These good deeds include, but are not limited to establishing equitable and state-of-the art schools, colleges, universities, health facilities, industries, infrastructures, business and so on. Furthermore, the good deeds include providing equal opportunities to citizens to acquire wealth, get education and scholarships, to express themselves, to run for public offices and so on.

On the other hand, the harmful deeds include actions that disrupt the well being of society. Under the current circumstances in Ethiopia, these harmful deeds include massacre, torture, imprisonment, eviction and sterilization as well as  subjecting people to poverty, diseases,  despair,  migration and so on.

Therefore,  Mr. PhD! Please calculate the proportion of the goodies and the harms per base population in Tigre and compare and test it for significance with the proportion of the goodies and the harms in other regions  per base  populations  just like you did it for  your thesis to acquire PhD that you use for nothing, but  puff up your belly.

It is non-sense to  say Tigres have not benefited while researches show  more than 90% of the  fourth- grader “generals” are Tigres in a country where they represnt only 5-6% of the population. It is fighting with God and scientific methods to say Tigres have not benefited despite several national and international studies have shown70% of land robbers in  Gambella are Tigres (click here).  It is inhuman to ignore  the findings of US and UNCIF  funded research that has shown significant decline of births (click here) only in Amara Population, whom the Tigre Peoples Libration Front labeled as historical enemy in its dedeb manifesto. (click here)

Since our body is ephemeral, we will physically disappear sooner or later. However, whatever we have done,  whatever we have not done, whatever we have said, and whatever we have not said with live forever and ever.  Therefore,  we  shall stop poisoning our souls to please our ephemeral physical bodies.  We should stop masking facts with lies for the sake of  political correctness. We should stop fighting with GOD or Scientific Methods and abstain from drawing conclusions  from unscientific numbers. Facts will unmask themselves through scientific methods or God’s willing no matter how hard we  try to mask them with lies that are sugar coated  with political correctness.  Political Correctness and Unscientific Comparisons are deceptive and  counterproductive.


The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com


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