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June 12, 2021
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Police Officer Viciously Attacks Ethiopian IDF Soldier

Once again, police brutality rears its ugly head.
By: Jewish Press News Briefs

A police officer in Holon viciously attacked an Ethiopian IDF soldier, Damas Pakada, on Sunday evening.

The clearly unprovoked attack was caught in its entirety on camera by neighbors.

The policeman also threatened to shoot the soldier in the head during the assault after Pakada tried to defend himself from the beating.

The police officer then claimed that Pakada attacked him, and Pakada was arrested and spent the night in jail.

Because of the video, Pakada was released the next day, and the police officer was suspended and the case has been moved to Machash (Internal Affairs).

Pakada believes he was the victim of a racist, hate crime.

The police department has condemned the actions of the policeman.

Far too often there seems to be a culture of brutality running through the Israeli police department, and unfortunately, this is just how too many Israeli police behave when they aren’t sexually harassing women.


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