Poet Says Fear behind Foreign Meddling, Media Campaign against Ethiopia

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January 21,2022 (ENA) The famous Ethiopian poet and playwright, Ayaleneh Mulatu, said the ongoing foreign interference and media disinformation campaign on Ethiopia originate from fear that the country would become beacon of anti-neocolonial struggle.

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The poet told ENA that Ethiopia has been facing unprecedented influences. “This is an exceptional historical experience of this century that the entire Western powers stood against Ethiopia, a poor country.”

He noted that Westerners had also been behind Italy, which attempted to invade Ethiopia during the colonial era.

Similarly, the US and its Western allies are fully supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front that strives to overthrow the democratically elected government, and install the terrorist group and its cohorts to power.

According to him, they are particularly afraid that Ethiopia would prompt other Africans to fight against foreign interference and stir a great movement of solidarity against white supremacists.

The playwright also believes that Western powers have always been wary of African unity and solidarity which could lead to the drying up of their wealth and resources extraction across the continent.

Noting that Ethiopia had played incomparable role for the unification of Africa by first defeating Italy, he stated that the victory was a shock for colonial powers and fueled the struggle for independence across the continent.

“It was Ethiopia that showed the possibility of victory over white supremacists by defeating fascism when Africans were suffering from colonialism. This led to the rise of not only Ethiopians but also Africans against the colonial forces.”

Now the white supremacist are afraid of Ethiopia it will be the center of anti-colonialism in particular as the #NoMore Movement has come up with this idea; and they are determined to destroy the country.

Paradoxically, the foreign pressure and internal challenges the  country  that faced during the past months has brought the divided population for the past 30 years together and enabled them to thwart those enemies.

“If you ask me why an internationally orchestrated war on the country has brought Ethiopians unified? I believe it is because the world is all-out to destroy and disintegrate Ethiopia. And every Ethiopian never allows to see this conspiracy realized; and  the situation has created a great solidarity.”

Ethiopians inside and outside of the country as well as Africans have thus been joining hands to condemn foreign intervention, Ayalneh said.

The poet finally called on the government to take this national and continental solidarity  forward through careful leadership.

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